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What Does Corrosion Mean on a Furnace?

Monday, January 15th, 2024


When it comes to home heating, furnaces are a popular choice for their efficiency and reliability. However, like any other appliance, furnaces are not immune to wear and tear over time. One common issue that homeowners may encounter is corrosion. In this post, we will delve into what corrosion means on a furnace, why it’s a problem, and when it might be necessary to consider calling us for heating service in Plattsburgh, NY to replace you furnace.

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The Best Ways to Avoid Furnace Repairs This Winter

Monday, November 7th, 2022


Vermont is currently enjoying crisp, cool fall weather. These temperatures are why fall is many people’s favorite time of the year. But it won’t be long before the weather of winter arrives. Many people love our winters as well, but they aren’t much fun without an effective furnace to keep your house comfortable as the thermostat drops below freezing.

We want you to enjoy uninterrupted warmth from your home’s furnace this winter. Our technicians are always available to help you with furnace repair in Burlington, VT, but we know you’d prefer to avoid furnace troubles in the first place. Below is our advice for keeping your furnace working right and without comfort-disrupting malfunctions.

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Does a Gas Furnace Dry Out the Air in a House?

Monday, November 9th, 2020

burners-in-furnaceThis is a question we often hear, because it’s almost conventional wisdom that a gas furnace makes the air inside a home drier during winter. But conventional wisdom isn’t always correct, and false information spreads fast today.

So let’s confront the question here: Does a gas furnace really dry out the air in a house? If it does, that’s a major concern because dry air in winter can create comfort problems and even health issues.

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Was This the Last Winter for Your Furnace?

Monday, February 17th, 2020

natural-gas-furnace-burnersThe winter weather isn’t done with us, but the second half of the season is a good time to consider how well your home’s furnace has held up. This may be the last winter it can perform up to expectations. Or it may already have fallen behind this season. If you’ve spent more on furnace repair in Burlington, VT than you think you should, getting a new furnace during the spring lull might be on your mind.

It’s wise to start making plans, and even wiser to learn how to recognize when a furnace is nearing the end of its service life. Let’s hunker down and get a clear-eyed assessment of your furnace situation.

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How Long Can I Expect My Furnace to Last?

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Furnace-standardYou probably know that the furnace in your house won’t last forever. Any type of machine that does as much work as a furnace during Vermont and New York winters will wear down to the point where it needs to be replaced.

To get the best return on investment in your furnace, you want it to last as long as possible—although not so long that it becomes a huge energy waster, develops safety problems, or become unreliable. Knowing how many years you can expect from your furnace will help you anticipate when to replace it.

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Does a Furnace Dry Out the Air in a House?

Monday, October 30th, 2017

burners-in-furnaceThis is a question people often ask about furnace performance. During the winter, the moisture level in the air drops as more water vapor becomes pulled out of the air as snow. Dry conditions may be helpful during the summer, when it makes it easier for the human body to cool down in the heat. Bu dry air during the rest of the year presents comfort and health problems. Furnaces are often blamed from causing the air to become even drier. Is there any truth to the idea that a furnace “dries out” a home’s air?

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Groundhog vs. Groundhog: No Matter Who’s Right—Be Ready for More Winter!

Monday, February 6th, 2017

child-welcomes-springHere in Vermont and Northeast New York, we’re divided between the two most famous Groundhog Day prognosticators. On the one hand, there’s Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania. On the other hand, there’s Staten Island Chuck in… Staten Island. Sometimes the two make similar predictions. This year it was different. We would love to think that Staten Island Chuck is right, since he predicted an early spring.

But let’s be honest: Groundhog Day accuracy isn’t something you should use to plan for your home heating needs over the next six weeks. There’s still cold weather ahead, and you want to make sure that your heating system will make it through to whenever it is that spring comes to the rescue. We have some advice on how to do this.

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Does a High AFUE Rating Guarantee I’ll Save Money with a New Furnace?

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

question-mark-badgePlanning for a new furnace installation in Plattsburgh, NY means balancing out multiple factors to find the right furnace model to meet your home’s heating needs. You probably already know about at least one important furnace stat: AFUE, which is the standardized measure for furnace energy efficiency. Does it make sense to purchase only a furnace with the highest AFUE rating you can find? Is that a guarantee you’ll save money on heating your home in the future?

There’s a Simple Answer—But It Needs a Longer Explanation

The simple answer is: “no.” AFUE is not a guarantee you’ll save money. AFUE is information about how the furnace performs, but it doesn’t automatically mean the furnace will reduce household energy bills during the winter. We’ll explain further how AFUE is measured and how it can affect your decision for furnace installation.

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To Replace or Not to Replace? That Is the Annual Furnace Question

Monday, September 26th, 2016

This is a topic we bring up at the start of each fall, because it’s important for homeowners to keep tabs on the furnaces that heat their homes through the winter. Each fall, you need to ask if your furnace will make it through the next winter in good shape, performing at high energy efficiency levels, and without safety concerns. Eventually, you will need to have the furnace replaced—no mechanical device can last forever—and maybe this is the year to schedule the replacement job with our HVAC professionals.

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More Facts on Furnace Efficiency: The Sealed Combustion Chamber Difference

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Even though the furnace is the oldest type of home heating system, going back to the days when people hooked up pipes to their stoves to spread warmth through the other rooms, they remain a competitive type of comfort system. This is because furnace technology advances every year, with new engineering helping the next generation of models to achieve improved energy efficiency, performance, and safety. There has never been a better time to replace an aging furnace with a new unit that excels in every department.

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