The Heat Pump and the Cold Weather Dilemma

A heat pump is essentially an AC system that can reverse its operation. In summer, circulation of refrigerant that goes through condensation and evaporation stages removes heat from inside the house and releases it outside. In winter, the heat pump draws heat from outside and brings it inside.

But wait a minute: how can the heat pump draw heat from the outside in winter? The answer is that there is always some thermal energy in the air, no matter how low the temperature. Heat pumps are getting more effective at drawing out heat from cold air—but it’s still possible for extreme chills to make the job harder. The result is a heat pump that drains excess energy.

How a Hybrid Heat Pump Solves This Problem

For homes that are difficult to heat, it’s a smart idea to have a dual fuel heat pump installed rather than a standard one. The hybrid heat dual fuel system consists of a standard heat pump connected to a secondary heater that runs from a different energy source. Usually, it’s a gas or propane furnace.

When the temperature drops to a point where the heat pump starts to lose its efficiency (known as the economic balance point), the back–up furnace kicks in to provide the additional heat required. The secondary heater will only run as long as necessary, so the home will still be able to enjoy the benefit of the energy efficient performance of the heat pump the majority of the time.

We Offer Dual Fuel Heat Pump Services for Burlington

Your home may be fine with a basic heat pump. But you want to make certain, and therefore we recommend calling our team to handle the installation/replacement services. They will help find out what type of heat pump will work best. If you end up with a hybrid heat dual fuel system, you can rely on us in the future whenever you need repairs (we fix heat pumps, furnaces, and all other types of heating systems). We also offer routine maintenance to keep both heaters in great shape.

For more than 23 years, Red Rock Mechanical, LLC has helped homes in Burlington, VT and the surrounding areas stay warm through the winter. Our NATE–certified technicians look forward to exceeding your expectations. We specialize in energy efficient comfort systems.