We Offer Pipe Repair and Drain Repair

Leaks in pipes are a standard plumbing problem. They can start anywhere, and for a range of reasons. Corrosion (yes, this can happen to copper pipes as well), shifting from construction mistakes, abrasion, water pressure spikes, reactions with chemicals in the water, and other forces can lead to leakage from freshwater and waste water pipes.

If you suspect you have damaged pipes, or you have pipes that have burst during the winter, contact us and we’ll have plumbers out to handle putting in the new pipes that will solve the problem—and see that it doesn’t reoccur.

Call Us for Whole–House Repiping

This is the big job. One of the biggest plumbing jobs that your home may ever need. When a house is old enough to have plumbing made from outdated material such as galvanized steel or even cast iron and clay pipes, then completely replacing the pipes with copper and plastic ones is a vital job. If you have a home built before World War II (and there are many houses of this vintage—and much older—in the Burlington, VT area), whole–house repiping is likely a service you’ll need done.

Red Rock Mechanical, LLC can do this. We will work fast so that your house will experience as little disruption as possible. But we won’t take any shortcuts either. Our plumbers offer personalized attention, and they will work closely with you for the best outcome to the large–scale pipe installation project.

Leave the Work on Your Plumbing Pipes to Us!

The work of repiping in a house, whether done for a basic pipe repair/drain repair or as a whole–house repiping job, is something that only licensed plumbers should undertake. This is a task that puts all of a plumber’s training to work so that the pipe installation is achieved without creating water damage or construction material damage. Red Rock Mechanical, LLC has the Master Plumbers who will get any repiping job done right the first time—and done fast!

We have a long history serving the plumbing needs of Burlington, VT because of the quality we offer and our dedication to meeting and exceeding our customer’s many expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our repiping and other plumbing services. We answer the phones 24 hours a day!