Why Arrange for Duct Cleaning?

This is the question that comes to people’s minds when they hear about duct cleaning services. Is this job necessary, and does it offer any benefits? The answer, across the board, is yes.

  • The main benefit of duct cleaning is that it improves HVAC energy efficiency. It only requires a thin layer of dust along duct walls to increase airflow resistance and strain the blower of the HVAC system. After a few years, the build–up will be enough to significantly raise utility bills.
  • Cleaning air ducts also helps extend HVAC equipment life and lower the number of repairs the AC and heater may need. The extra strain from dirty ducts will wear down the system rapidly, and debris can get inside the cabinet and damage components.
  • There’s also a benefit to indoor air quality. An average of 40 pounds of dust circulates through a six–room house each year. Removing this reservoir of air pollutants with ductwork cleaning makes for improved air quality. It makes a major difference if there are people in your home with allergies or asthma.

How to Tell You Need Ductwork Cleaning

There are some easy ways to determine that it’s time to schedule duct cleaning, even though you can’t see much of the interior of your ventilation system. Take a digital camera, unscrew the grill from over one of the ducts, and then reach your hand down inside and capture an image. Does the image show something that looks like a clogged car air filter, or dust collected under the cushions of a couch? Then it’s time for duct cleaning!

Also watch for spikes in your energy bills and larger amounts of dust around your house that keep you busy trying to make everything clean. Sometimes when you turn your air conditioning system on, you can even see visible dust in the sun beams coming through your window. And if you have never scheduled air duct cleaning, then you’re definitely overdue for it.

Cleaning Air Ducts Is a Job for Professionals

Only professionals with HVAC training can handle cleaning air ducts. This isn’t something that you can do with a long–handled broom or by sticking a vacuum hose down one of the ducts. Our experts at Red Rock Mechanical, LLC will see that the job gets done right, and with as little hassle as possible.

We treat all of our customers with respect, and we pride ourselves on solving problems the first time. Contact us today (any time of the day or night) to arrange for your professional ductwork cleaning in Burlington, VT and the surrounding areas.