How Does an Evaporative Cooler Work?

We mentioned wet sheets over windows and bowls of ice in front of fans because these are both simple ways to create evaporative cooling. In both cases, air moves past water (wet sheets or frozen cubes) and loses some of its heat to the water. The air is cooler as a result. This same action is the reason wind blowing off the surface of a lake feels cool, even on a hot day.

An electro–mechanical evaporative cooler draws outdoor air inside it using a fan. The air passes over a set of pads that are kept damp through the action of a water pump. The air cools down, and then enters into the ventilation system of the house.

The Benefits of a Swamp Cooler

Why consider using an evaporative cooler rather than a standard AC? The main reason is that swamp coolers use much less power to run than refrigerant–based air conditioning systems. A standard AC must use a large amount of electricity to power the compressor that is the heart of its operation. An evaporative cooler only needs electricity to run its fan and the water pumps. The difference in energy bills over a summer can be tremendous when switching to an evaporative cooler.

Evaporative coolers are also helpful for homes that experience low humidity during the summer. Water moisture transfers to the air as it moves through the system, helping to eliminate dry indoor air problems.

Professional Evaporative Cooler Services in Burlington, VT

It’s important to know that an evaporative cooler will not work well for every home, and they can sometimes make a space overly humid. Make certain you work with HVAC experts when you are looking for an AC installation or replacement. Getting the right system the first time is essential! Our NATE–certified technicians are here to see that you have the correct AC.

Red Rock Mechanical, LLC also offers full repair service for swamp coolers and the regular maintenance they need to keep them working and free of mold. Contact our offices in Burlington, VT to schedule service or have any of your questions about home cooling answered. We specialize in energy efficient comfort systems.