What Counts As a Plumbing Emergency?

The simple answer is "anything you think is an emergency." If you believe you need help immediately, don’t wait to call us. That’s why we’re here. It is always better to err on the side of caution.

Here are a few specific situations that we think justify an emergency plumbing call:

  • The automatic shut–off valve activates: This valve is designed to close off the water main in case of flooding issues. If you suddenly lose all water in your home and notice the indicator light for the shut–off valve is on, don’t reset the valve until you’ve had plumbers come to see what’s wrong.
  • The toilet overflows: Make sure that you know how to shut off the water to the toilet bowl (either by turning the valve on the feed line or opening the tank and pulling up on the chain) when overflow happens. Then get a plumber out to your home right away.
  • Burst pipes: This is a common issue in our area because of the freezing winters. When your pipes either freeze or burst, you’ll need licensed plumbers on the job as soon as possible.
  • Any type of leak: There is no such thing as a "minor" leak. Even pinhole leaks can create significant water damage to building materials. If you suspect leaks in your home, never wait to call for assistance.

Do Not Attempt DIY Fixes for These Problems

We can’t stress this enough: leave the repair work for an emergency situation to the professionals. You can take steps to prevent more damage, such as turning off the water main (make sure you know where it is) or cleaning up excess water. But taking further action is a major risk. For example, never try to thaw out a frozen pipe with space heaters or torches—this can actually trigger a pipe burst! You have access to professional emergency plumbers for a reason: put us to work for you.

Emergency Plumbing from Burlington, VT Master Plumbers

It’s a major point of pride with us that our plumbers at Red Rock Mechanical, LLC can handle most problems on the first call—and handle them so they don’t start up again. We’re also proud of our fast response time. But this is just what you should expect from a company that has more than 23 years of history helping homes and businesses in Burlington, VT and throughout Northwest Vermont and Northeast New York. We are dedicated to helping you, our customer, and we treat everyone with respect.