What Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery Ventilators Do

Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) and energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are devices integrated into the ventilation system of a house. They draw air through an outside vent, and then run the air through a heat exchanger that also contains a current of air from inside the house. Through a process of counter–flow heat exchange, one current loses heat to the other. This pre–heats or pre–cools the fresh air from outside before it goes into the home, and the stale indoor air is exhausted.

An example: on a cold winter day, an ERV system draws fresh but cold air from the outside. It then takes warm but stale air from indoors and uses that air to heat up the cold air. This recovers the energy used to heat the air and uses it on the incoming cold air. The fresh air arrives in the house already at a warm temperature.

The Benefits of an ERV and HRV System

The principle advantage of having one of these systems installed is that you receive fresh air without having to put extra strain on the heating or cooling system. It’s like having a door or window open to ventilate the home, but without the unpleasant outside temperatures getting in. ERV and HRV systems recover more than 80% of the energy they would have otherwise lost and use it to warm or cool the fresh air.

ERV systems also allow for the exchange of moisture, helping to balance indoor humidity. HRVs don’t have this feature, but for certain homes they may be the more effective choice. Make sure to check with your installer about the right type for your home.

Full HRV and ERV Services in Burlington, VT

Almost any home in the Burlington area can benefit from the addition of an energy or heat recovery ventilator. It’s just a matter of relying on the right installer to take care of the job. That’s where Red Rock Mechanical, LLC can help. We install both types of ventilation systems as well as offer repairs, replacements, and regular maintenance.

We’re a small, family–owned company, and we understand what your family values when it comes to a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. You can depend on us for all your indoor air quality needs, and we’ll strive to get each job done right the first time.