How to Tell You May Need Duct Repairs

This is always the trickiest part, because you can’t see your ductwork easily. Most of it is hidden behind walls in the attic and the ceilings. To figure out that you have damaged ducts, you must pay attention for a number of warning signs, such as the following.

  • Uneven heating and cooling: When you notice that rooms in winter are colder than they should be, or that there are hot spots in rooms during the summer, it’s possible that damaged ducts are responsible. If your heater or AC seems to be outwardly running fine, we recommend scheduling service from our team to look into the ducts.
  • Rising energy bills: Duct trouble of any type will make the job of the blower fan in the HVAC system harder. The result will be a noticeable rise in heating and cooling bills that you can’t account for. The strain on the fan may even cause circuit breakers to trip.
  • Poor air quality: Are you finding a major dust invasion in your house? Vacuuming and sweeping seeming to be a losing battle? This may be due to broken ducts pulling in dust and dirt from closed–in places in the house. This can be unhealthy for your family, so have the ductwork fixed as soon as possible.
  • Rattling sounds: When the heater or air conditioner comes on, the sound of metallic rattling is a major warning that the ducts are loose or damaged.

When Duct Replacement May Be Necessary

Repair work from professionals can often fix up ducts that have broken loose or developed air leaks. But if ducts have suffered major damage, or they were badly installed in the first place, repairs sometimes won’t cut it. In these cases, you’ll have to have the ductwork replaced. You can trust that our specialists will do the job right, so you won’t need to have the ducts replaced again a short time later. We take pride in the work we do for all of our customers.

We’re Your Ductwork Specialists for Burlington, VT

Whatever trouble you have with your home’s ducts, from leaks to faulty construction, all it takes is one call to Red Rock Mechanical, LLC and you’re on the way to a solution. We can start with testing the ducts to find out how bad the problem is and locate where we can make improvements.

Ducts sealing will solve many problems, but we may need to do more extensive repairs, or provide replacement ducts. Whatever job we do, we’ll aim to exceed your expectations and deliver the best possible work. It’s this level of customer service dedication that has helped us thrive in the Burlington, VT area for so long.