Why Is Commercial Air Conditioning So Important?

We tend to think of air conditioning systems in terms of our own homes, and while it’s important to have a good residential AC here in Burlington, you can usually survive for a few days if it fails. Commercial cooling systems have no such luxuries. A shutdown of even a few hours can spell disaster for your business. Your employees will need to either be sent home or work in oppressive conditions, customers will stay away in droves, and vital components such as computers can suffer all kinds of damage.

That’s why Red Rock Mechanical, LLC offers swift commercial AC repair services throughout the Burlington area, and is dedicated to get your system up and running again quickly after suffering a problem. Don’t rest on your laurels when problems arise. Call on us the first time, every time. We specialize in energy efficient comfort systems.

Maintenance Can Stop Problems Before They Start

We recommend maintenance services on a commercial air conditioner every spring, and ideally every fall as well. This isn’t the same as a repair call, which is intended to address a very specific issue. Instead, it’s a general "tune–up" for your system: tightening loose bolts, fixing frayed wires, recharging refrigerant, and handling all of the countless smaller tasks that can add up to real trouble if they’re left unresolved.

There’s an added benefit to regular maintenance as well. It allows the technician to spot the warning signs of an imminent breakdown or similar issue. That allows you to respond in a timely fashion rather than being caught flat–footed with an unexpected shutdown. It also keeps the costs down since you’re likely halting any damage to the rest of the system before it has time to spread.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

In all likelihood your business or commercial space focuses on something other than commercial air conditioning repair. That means you have a full slate of issues to occupy your time as part of the day–to–day aspects of running a business. You don’t have time to deal with a malfunctioning AC system, or to cast about looking for qualified technicians to repair one.

Instead, find the team with the right skills and qualifications, and set up a schedule to keep your system repaired and maintained. We’ll be there for you in the event of the unexpected and will work to halt any serious problems before they start. That way, you can keep your eye on the ball and let us sweat the specifics of your AC system!