How an Automatic Shut–Off Valve Works

There are different types of emergency shut–off valves, and the way they operate varies. One common model measures the water pressure in the plumbing. If there is a sudden drop in pressure, it indicates large amounts of water are escaping somewhere in from the pipes. This causes a valve to swing shut and stop the flow of water. Another type of shut–off valve works through sensors on the floors in parts of the house where flooding may occur. When the sensors detect water, they send a signal to the valve to seal off the water main.

All types of automatic shut–off valves are connected to a control panel inside the house. This will alert you when the valve activates so you can call for plumbing assistance. The plumbers will find what’s wrong, correct it, and reset the valve.

Emergency Shut–Off Valve Maintenance and Replacement

If you’re lucky, you won’t have to rely on your automatic shut–off valve often—or maybe at all! However, you’ll be thankful for the peace of mind it brings. But it is a wise idea to have the shut–off valve routinely inspected to make sure it works correctly.

What good is an emergency prevention device like this if you can’t depend on it working when it needs to? Our plumbers are glad to make inspections of your shut–off valve a part of regular plumbing maintenance visits. If the valve is old and needs a replacement, we’ll handle that as well.

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Every home should have an emergency shut–off valve in place. We can’t think of a single case where it wouldn’t benefit a household. Don’t hesitate to contact our offices in Burlington to arrange for installation. We’re more than happy to help. We offer other preventive services for plumbing, such as sump pumps, which remove water from flooding that can arrive with the rains and snowmelt. You only have to ask about the many ways that we can improve your plumbing.

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