The Basics of a Central AC System

You are likely familiar with the layout of central air units: an outdoor condenser cabinet with a compressor and fan, and an indoor air handler connected to the ductwork. This is known as a split system air conditioner.

The way this configuration works is that the compressor places warm liquid refrigerant under high pressure to change it into a hot gas. The gas travels through the outdoor coil, where it condenses to release its heat to the outside with the help of the fan. This cools the refrigerant. The refrigerant flows indoors, passing through a pressure release valve to further cool it. When it passes through the indoor coil, the cold refrigerant evaporates, which draws heat out of the air. The air handler blows this cooled air into the ducts and throughout the house.

Does Your Split Air Conditioner Need Repairs?

No matter how excellent a central AC system you have, or the quality of its initial installation, it may suffer from malfunctions at some point. Here are a few warning signs that your central AC needs the attention of our repair technicians:

  • Grinding and hissing sounds: Any unusual sound from a central air unit needs to be looked into. Grinding sounds warn of possible motor and compressor issues, while hissing could be leaking refrigerant, which can end up disastrous for the AC.
  • Uneven cooling: When you find rooms in your house that are hotter than normal while the air conditioner is running, it could stem from any number of problems. Thermostat miscalibration, leaky air ducts, dirt on the condenser coil: you’ll need our help to find out what’s wrong.
  • Rising utility bills: A central AC system that’s suffering from stress due to a repair need will cost more to run. Call for assistance when your bills are rising and you can’t account for why.
  • Short cycling: This is a phenomenon when an air conditioner becomes trapped in its start–up cycle, turning on and off rapidly without completing its cooling cycle. It could be a clogged air filter, lost refrigerant, or an incorrectly sized system.

We Offer Complete Central AC Services in Burlington, VT

Seeing that a home has the right cooling system in place requires technicians that are experts in new installation, old system replacement, effective repair work, and regular maintenance. The trained HVAC technicians at Red Rock Mechanical, LLC can handle all of these.

They’ve been handling them for more than 23 years in Burlington, VT and the surrounding areas! You can place your full trust in us when your home cooling is on the line, or if you are simply looking to upgrade an older central air unit. We back up our work with a 1–year warranty.