Problems Due to Faulty or Outdated Thermostats

Even something as small as a miscalibrated thermostat that’s reading incorrect temperatures will create heating and cooling issues for a house. If the miscalibration is larger, it can create major energy drains or even cause the HVAC system to short–cycle (turning on and off rapidly, wasting power and shortening system life). If a thermostat loses one of its connections to the heater, AC, or blower, it could mean a system that won’t turn on or won’t turn off. Always contact professionals to look into the issue to see if the thermostat is at fault or there is another problem.

Choices for a Thermostat Replacement or New Installation

The modern thermostat comes in a wide range of different types. If you still have an old–fashioned manual thermostat that uses sliders or a dial, contact us for an upgrade to one of these types.

  • Digital Thermostats: Making the upgrade from a standard manual thermostat to any type of digital thermostat, even one without programming, is an improvement. But we strongly recommend installing a programmable model, since it allows for much better comfort control.
  • Wireless Thermostat: Wi–Fi thermostats have many excellent advantages. They’re easier to install in the ideal locations in your house, come with remote controls, and allow you access to your climate controls from any place that you have an Internet or satellite connection.
  • Smart Thermostat: This is the top of the line with climate control technology. A smart thermostat learns from your history of settings and analyzes energy use. It then creates its own programming that optimizes energy and comfort, finding ways to save that you may never have found on your own.

We Are Your Comfort Professionals in Burlington, VT

Handling thermostat replacements and other services is a basic part of what we do as comfort professionals. You can depend on us to see to whatever your household requires for the best indoor environment. We are also dedicated to finding energy–saving solutions. We’ll install the thermostat to meet all of your various needs—and handle any other work your HVAC system requires.

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