Why and When Is Duct Testing Necessary?

Leaky air ducts are a major source of energy waste and discomfort in homes. Even a few holes in a ventilation system will cause a loss of 30% of the conditioned air moving through them—and that adds up to a big energy waste. The loss of cooled/heated air also means hot and cold spots around the house.

We recommend duct testing for any home that hasn’t had it before. Even if you don’t notice signs of air duct leakage, it’s a smart precaution. But if you do see indications of a leaky ventilation system (higher energy bills, uneven heating, moldy smells from the vents) it’s definitely time to contact us to arrange for duct testing.

How to Test Ducts the Professional Way

You must have licensed professionals for duct testing. This service requires special equipment and training. When we test ductwork in a house, we first seal off all of the vent registers with covers in order to seal off the entire ventilation system. After this, raise the pressure within the ducts and use a device called a manometer to measure the pressure drop. The faster the pressure falls, the leakier the ductwork. We’ll be able to quickly tell what kind of work you need done.

How to Seal Ducts the Professional Way

If testing reveals that you have air leaks in the ductwork, the next step is to seal them. Again, you can’t do this yourself. This isn’t a job for duct tape, which is actually useless on ducts. What our team will do is pinpoint the leaks and then use devices like mastic sealant and metallic tapes to close them. We might even recommend duct replacement for more serious damage.

Once we’ve finished with the sealing, we’ll test the ductwork once again. We won’t be satisfied until we know the integrity of your ductwork has been restored.

We’re Here to Stop Those Leaky Ducts in Burlington, VT!

Never underestimate the importance of your ventilation system for year–round comfort and energy savings in your house. A properly airtight set of ducts is a necessary part of an excellent home performance, not to mention a way to keep out winter drafts and summer hot spots. Red Rock Mechanical, LLC will determine if your ducts need repair work, and then provide the sealing required.

We’re a family–owned company with a long history in Burlington, VT and the surrounding areas. We treat everyone with respect and try to solve each problem on the first call.