Why a Boiler Installation Is an Excellent Comfort Pick

Boilers work through radiant heating, which means that rather than spreading heat through air movement the way a furnace, heat pump, or other forced–air system does, they send heat into rooms by raising the temperature of objects in the room. In most cases, a boiler sends its heated water to a radiator, baseboard heater, or in–floor piping. Here’s why using radiant heating from a boiler is advantageous:

  • It’s efficient: Water is a better heat transference medium than air. A boiler expends less energy to provide the warmth level a household needs.
  • It spreads evenly: One of problems that forced–air systems encounter is that the air they send out tends to gather near the ceiling, taking longer to spread through a space. Radiant heating moves through spaces evenly, taking care of eliminating cold spots.
  • It takes less mechanical stress: Boilers have few moving parts, and that means they will encounter repair issues less often. They’ll also last much longer than other types of heating systems.
  • It helps keep the air clean: Ducts gather dust and other debris, and when the blower comes on, this is blasted out into a home’s air. Radiant heat, on the other hand, doesn’t blow around any airborne contaminants.

Repairs and Maintenance for Boiler Systems

Although boilers have fewer repair needs than furnaces or heat pumps, they still require regular attention from professionals to see that they enjoy long lives and don’t start to corrode or leak. Our technicians provide annual maintenance to keep boilers in top shape.

And should those malfunctions pop up anyway (there’s no such thing as a 100% repair–free heater!), you can reach us 24/7 to arrange for repairs. You’ll always be connected to a live person, never a recording, and our technicians will aim to solve the problem on the first visit.

We’re the Heating Team for You in Burlington, VT

You have numerous choices for HVAC contractors when it’s time for boiler services. Why should you pick Red Rock Mechanical, LLC? Because we’re a family–owned company that offers a level of personalized attention you’ll find at few other places. Through more than two decades of service to the Burlington, VT area, we’ve learned how to offer our customers the finest in service that sees to their needs, not to ours.

We back up all of our labor with a 1–year warranty on top of the manufacturer’s warranty, and we won’t be satisfied with any job we do until you are.