How to Tell You Need Main Water Line Repair

Indications that you have a broken or clogged water main (tree root infiltration is one of the common causes for this) can be obvious or they can be subtle. Here are some of the signs to watch for:

  • No water from taps: This is the big indication, but it’s also one that you need to be cautious about since it might be a municipal water supply problem. Check with your neighbors first before you call for repairs.
  • Water discoloration: When you see the sort of water discoloration that you usually expect when you turn that taps on after a long vacation, it might mean breaks in the water line are allowing impurities to enter.
  • Drop in water pressure: This is another trouble that could be from municipal issues. If it is occurring all around the house and not at one faucet, it might be time to contact repair professionals.
  • Water pools on your property: Larger leaks in the water line will result in pools of water on your lawn or garden. If you have a soggy lawn and you don’t know the reason, it’s time to get plumbers on the job.

We Offer Water Line Repair

We hope this is clear, but only licensed plumbers can handle the work of main water line repair. The biggest part of the job is accessing the line to fix it. In some cases, our plumbers will not need to dig to reach the line: there are some lateral methods to fix plumbing issues in main water lines. We’ll use tools such as video pipe inspection equipment to find the best way to repair any issue with the water line, no matter the trouble.

We Also Offer Water Line Replacement in Burlington, VT

At times, it may be necessary to do a complete water replacement. This is most common for older homes that have a water line made of clay, galvanized steel, or cast iron. These materials deteriorate eventually, and we strongly recommend putting in a new main water line. This is a large task, but our plumbers can handle it.

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