How Zone Air Conditioning and Heating Works

To use zone control in a standard ducted ventilation system, technicians must make a number of important changes. The main components they put in place are dampers within the ducts (usually one per each zone the homeowner wants) and local thermostats that control each damper. The thermostats then connect to a central control panel.

When a zone thermostat sends a request for heating/cooling, the central control opens that damper and closes off other zones that aren’t making requests. The dampers are shifted open and closed to maintain safe air pressure within the ventilation system while also distributing the air to the rooms the way the homeowner wishes.

How Zone Heating and Air Conditioning Benefits a Home

There are a number of great advantages to zoning a house, some obvious, some less so:

  • Energy savings: This is the big one for most homeowners. An HVAC system won’t need to do as much work if it isn’t required to cool/heat all spaces at once. This is particularly helpful for large homes or homes that have guestrooms and other places that are frequently unoccupied.
  • Personalized comfort: Do you want to put an end to the "thermostat wars" in your home as family members squabble over how to set the temperature? Zone control gives each person control over the climate in his or her own area.
  • Climate to match rooms: Rooms have their specific temperature needs as well as people. Zone control lets you keep the kitchen cooler while an infant’s room is kept warmer.
  • Even comfort distribution: The proper use of zone control helps eliminate hot and cold spots in a house. The central control panel will open and close dampers to allow for even movement of heating/cooling.

We Offer Full Zone Control System Services in Burlington, VT

Although it’s easiest to set up zone controls when a new HVAC system is installed, our technicians can also find a way to update and retrofit older ones. Simply contact us and we’ll answer your questions and find the best way forward for improving comfort and savings.

If you should run into trouble with your zone controls, such as busted dampers or malfunctioning thermostats, we’ll provide the repair work you need. Our regular HVAC maintenance services will check the zone controls as well each time we visit.

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