Humidity is Always a Concern

Humidity levels play a big part in indoor comfort here in Burlington. In the summer, moisture levels skyrocket and your entire business can feel like a swamp if you’re not careful. In the winter, dry air can create health problems for your employees and customers. Both situations can damage computers, stored products and other important parts of your business.

Commercial humidifiers and dehumidifiers are the answer: adding moisture to the air in the winter and removing it from the air in the summer to maintain a comfortable, balanced environment. Red Rock Mechanical, LLC provides commercial humidifier and dehumidifier services throughout the Burlington area, and will ensure that your commercial space has the exact relative humidity levels you need.

Watch Out for Dust and Dirt

No business owner wants to deal with excess dust and dirt on his or her properties. Restaurants and food preparation services need to maintain certain cleanliness levels by law, and other businesses want to cut down on dust in order to provide an inviting environment for clients. In some cases, it may be even more important to provide a clean environment for manufacturing certain delicate products like computer chips, and every business relies on computers, which to do not respond well to excess dust.

That’s why we offer electronic air cleaners, high–end commercial air filters and other indoor air quality products designed to keep your business as free of dust as possible. Not only will it help your space look nicer and protect key components, but it allows your heater and air conditioner do to their jobs more efficiently!

Health Concerns Matter Too

Indoor air quality affects your employees as much as it affects your product or equipment. High indoor air quality can help lower the frequency of illness and disease, as germs are less likely to circulate and pass between your employees. That can save you countless lost man hours over the course of the year, as well as helping your staff stay protected from bugs brought in by customers and possible business partners.

Our trained team can advise you on the best indoor air quality products to provide your business with the healthiest environment possible, then install, maintain and repair that system with confidence and pride!