What a Backflow Prevention Device Actually Prevents

Backflow occurs when there is a change in pressure on either the freshwater or wastewater side of the plumbing. A common reason for this change is if there is a massive drain on the freshwater system because of the Fire Department using a fire hydrant, or a sprinkler system coming on. The drop in water pressure will suck the sewer water through any cross–connections in the plumbing, and this can create contamination in the fresh water supply. This can also cause pipes to draw up nearby liquids, such as a hose that’s lying in a bucket of brackish, pesticide–filled water. The backflow preventer is a check valve at the cross–connection that automatically closes to prevent wastewater moving the wrong direction.

We Offer Backflow Testing

Commercial properties need to have backflow prevention testing done annually. If you are a homeowner, you will receive a notice whenever you need to have backflow prevention scheduled. In either case, we will send one of our licensed plumbers to test the device with a gauge that will see if the pressure in it is at the right level. The plumber will also make a check on the assembly and valve to see that all is functioning correctly.

This is important: the plumber must be state–certified for this job! Our plumbers are all fully certified for backflow prevention testing.

Look to Us for Backflow Prevention Devices and Services in Burlington, VT

No matter what type of backflow preventer services you need, Red Rock Mechanical, LLC can take care of them. We are experienced with both commercial and residential plumbing, and we have all the necessary licensing and certifications. If we do your backflow testing and the device doesn’t pass, we will do all that’s required to fix the problem: repairs, replacements, etc.

We’re a family–owned and operated business with more than 23 years of history helping homes and businesses in the Burlington, VT area. Count on us for personalized and exceptional customer service.