Choices for Heating System Installation and Replacement

Heating contractors work with a range of heater models, but you’ll have a difficult time finding another contractor who offers as many options as we do. Below is a short list of the choices we give to our customers for installation and replacement.

  • Furnaces: The furnace is the backbone of residential heating in the U.S., thanks to its reliability and heat output. We work with both electric and gas furnaces.
  • Boilers: Boilers remain popular alternatives to furnaces, and can work with gas or electricity. A boiler can help a home save money on bills and provide an even spread of comfort.
  • Heat pumps: We’re big advocates of using heat pumps for home comfort. These systems are essentially air conditioning systems that can reverse their operation so that they also operate as heating systems. That’s a two–in–one home comfort solution.
  • Ductless heating: This is a type of heat pump that sends conditioned air directly into rooms through wall–mounted air handlers. They are great choices for older homes without space for ductwork and for new home construction.
  • Radiant heating systems: In–floor radiant heating systems are increasingly popular for houses. They are energy efficient and provide a coziness that’s hard to beat.

Heating Repairs and Maintenance in Burlington, VT

The winters in this area place so much stress on a heater, any type of heater, that it can lead to a system that breaks down quickly and has a brief service life—unless it receives annual maintenance. To see that your heater works its best for years to come and avoids many repair issues, no matter how freezing the weather is, let our technicians inspect and tune–up your heater each fall.

Repair needs may still crop up, but we’re there whenever you need us. Reach out to us 24/7 and we’ll get that heater back to work keeping your family warm and safe.

A Heating Contractor You Can Trust

Red Rock Mechanical, LLC has gotten as far as it has because of our unwavering commitment to doing the best job each and every time. We aim to create a great relationship of trust with each of our customers so they know they can always turn to us for help or home heating improvements. We back up all of our labor with a 1–year warranty on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. No matter your heating needs, contacting our Burlington, VT offices is the first easy step to meeting them.

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