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Didn’t Schedule AC Maintenance in Spring? It’s Still Not Too Late!

Monday, July 19th, 2021

service-reminder-clockOh no, did you forget to arrange to have our professionals maintain your AC in spring? No worries, you can still have it done. You may think that it’s too late and maybe feel tempted to wait until next spring, but this can spell trouble for your home cooling system. We encourage you to call us for this important air conditioning service in Essex, VT as soon as possible.

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What Can Go Wrong When an AC Has a Clogged Filter

Monday, July 5th, 2021

man-with-furnace-filterOne of the top pieces of advice we have for homeowners when it comes to their air conditioning system is, “Replace the air filter regularly.” We’d wager that if you asked a hundred HVAC technicians for their top piece of AC advice, more than 90 would give the same answer. It’s easy to do, and it prevents so many problems. 

During routine maintenance, our technicians will take care of changing the filter. But during the rest of the summer you will have to do the job—usually every 1 to 3 months, depending on the strength of the filter. It isn’t a tough task, and if you have any questions about it, you can always ask our team. If you want to know why this is so important, we’ll list some of the problems that a clogged filter can cause an air conditioner. 

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Why Does My AC Keep Turning Off Too Early?

Monday, June 7th, 2021

vent-cover-in-ceilingA common cause for an AC failing to keep a house cool enough during summer is because the air conditioning system isn’t completing its full cooling cycle and instead shuts down early. Sometimes the air conditioner may come back on soon after and repeat the process; this is called short-cycling. But the AC may also simply shut off and stay off for a long stretch. Either is bad news for your comfort, since it doesn’t give the cool air ample time to spread through the rooms, and short cycling brings the added problem of extra strain put on the system.

Below we’ll go over some of the more common reasons your AC might be shutting down before it’s done its job.

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It’s Time Once Again for Air Conditioning Maintenance

Monday, April 12th, 2021

air-conditioner-condenser-3D-renderWhat’s the best thing you can do for your air conditioning in Essex, VT? Schedule routine maintenance for it from our professionals! And when’s the best time to do it? Spring—right now!

We’re looking forward to the warm weather as much as you are, and we want you to get the most from the coming summer—a summer we all anticipate will be much better than last year’s. Although you can anticipate spending less time in your home than you did last summer, that doesn’t mean you can skip taking care of the AC. This is not the year to skip air conditioning maintenance. It’s as important as ever.

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Why Won’t the Boiler Heat the Home as Well Anymore?

Monday, December 21st, 2020

large-boilerThe heat a boiler sends into a house, whether from radiators, baseboard heaters, or in-floor elements, feels wonderful during cold winter days. But what if one morning you wake up to discover that the house isn’t warming up as well as it should? You check the thermostat to make sure the settings are right, and then you might try raising the thermostat setting to make up the difference. But you shouldn’t have to do this: the boiler is supposed to meet the standard household demand for comfort, and pushing up the thermostat to attempt to compensate may lead to more trouble. 

What’s wrong? Do you need to call for heater repair in Essex, VT to fix the boiler? Or is it time for a new boiler? We’ll look into the possibilities below.

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How Pipe Leaks and Leaky Faucets Add Up to Big Water Waste

Monday, June 24th, 2019

faucet-drippingYou know that leaky anything isn’t good. A leaky faucet or a leaky pipe in your house isn’t something you want. But surprisingly, homeowners often leave problems like household leaks without repairs. They tolerate a leaking kitchen sink faucet as long as it isn’t making too much noise. They probably aren’t even aware of pipe leaks because they’re hidden behind walls and in the ceilings, but they may also ignore warning signs of these leaks, such as water stains on drywall.

Leaving leaks to … well, leak is bad news all around for a home. Not only can these leaks create water damage and allow mold to grow, but they are massive wastes of water, a precious natural resource.

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When Is Heating Repair Urgent?

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

We’ll say it right off the bat: every heating repair need should be treated as an urgent matter. Sometimes, a heating repair need may not seem like something that necessitates immediate attention. A strange noise coming from your furnace is a minor annoyance, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get through your day. And a decline in heating power might not appear to be so much of a problem, just a slight inconvenience as you add an extra layer and wait for the home to reach the desired temperature setting.

However, these problems will not improve on their own. In fact, what’s far more likely is that the heating trouble will worsen. Consider this: when one part of your heating system is in need of repair, it still has a job to do. Often, the other parts step up in order to attempt to raise the temperature. This wears down multiple parts, resulting in a more costly repair than what was originally needed.

Furthermore, if you delay scheduling heating repair, your system may shut down entirely. When there’s not enough heat in the home, it may be due to a faulty blower fan. If the blower fan cannot push enough heat over the heat exchanger, the furnace plenum could overheat. Many decades ago, this may have resulted in very dangerous conditions (including a potential explosion), but today’s units have safety measures that prevent this. The furnace limit switch detects if the plenum is overheating and shuts off the unit. This keeps your home safe, but it also leaves you without any heat.

You should always take heating problems seriously, and you should not try to fix the trouble on your own or leave it to an untrained amateur. When it comes to gas heating systems, your health and safety may be at risk, and experts know the right way to inspect and diagnose a heating system while determining the proper method of repair.

Call Red Rock Mechanical today to schedule an appointment for our professional heating repair service in Essex, VT. Our team has years of experience installing and repairing both furnaces and boilers in the area and can get your unit back to normal fast.

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The Facts about Water Hammer

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Have you ever been disturbed by a loud knocking noise in your pipes? When this happens while you are comfortable resting at home, it may come as a bit of a shock. In fact, when homeowners believe that paranormal activity has occurred in a home, they often list knocking on the pipes as one of the reasons. But this noise actually has a far more probable explanation: water hammer.

Get the facts about water hammer in today’s post, and be sure to schedule plumbing repair in Essex, VT with the friendly technicians at Red Rock Mechanical at the first sign of pipe problems.

“Water Hammer” Describes a Particular Plumbing Event

Many people use the word “water hammer” to describe any strange noise in a plumbing system, assuming it’s a fairly universal term. But it turns out that water hammer is actually a specific event caused by changes to your plumbing system or an imbalance in the pipes. Water hammer occurs when there is a sudden change of pressure. If water is forced to stop suddenly, a wave of pressure forces it to change direction and knock against the pipes. This may happen because of a waterlogged air chamber or a valve that shuts too quickly.

Water Hammer May Severely Damage the Pipes

This change in momentum can actually cause some detriment to your pipes. The vibration that follows from the pressure wave may knock fittings loose and could even force a pipe to burst. This will result in costly renovations, an enormous mess, and the potential for mold growth.

What Works In Some Plumbing Systems May Not Work for Yours

Although many plumbing systems are fitted with air chambers that work to provide a cushion of air to protect against water hammer, these may become waterlogged and will need to be purged. In other cases, there are not enough protective features in your plumbing to safeguard against water hammer, and a technician may recommend any of several solutions. A new air chamber may not be possible because they are quite large, so your technician may prefer to install an arrester part. Sometimes, plumbers choose instead to install slowly-shutting valves or even new pipes.

Your best bet is to call an expert, like the plumbers at Red Rock Mechanical, to check out your pipes and decide on the optimal course of action for plumbing repair service in Essex, VT. Call us today!

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Common Problems You May Encounter with Your Heating

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Winter temperatures in Vermont may mean that we receive beautiful snowfalls, but they also mean that we must have durable heating systems in peak condition to keep us warm until the spring thaw. We have listed some common heating issues that you might encounter during the winter and what they may mean. If you think there is a malfunction with your heating system, don’t hesitate with calling for technicians. The problem will not improve and your heater may be in danger of a full breakdown…and that is the last thing you want to happen during one of the colder days of the year.

For fast and effective heating repair in Essex, VT and throughout Northwest Vermont, rely on the 24-hour emergency services of Red Rock Mechanical. We have served the area with quality comfort for over 23 years.

Frequent Home Heating Troubles

  • Insufficient heat: This problem can come from something as basic as a malfunctioning thermostat to a heating system that is too aged and worn down to work effectively. Call for a repair technician to determine what the trouble is and fix it or arrange for a replacement if that is the best option.
  • Weak airflow from the vents: If you have a furnace or heat pump in your home and you notice low levels of airflow coming from the vents, you should first check on the air filter to make sure it is not clogged with debris. If changing the air filter does not improve the airflow, you need to call on technicians to look for other possible causes.
  • Heater will not turn on: If your heater does not turn on when it should, the trouble could be a loss of communication with the thermostat. Another possibility is an electrical issue within the system, such as failed capacitors or electrical relays on motors.
  • Heater will not turn off: When a heater keeps running constantly, the likely culprit is an electrical failure that is preventing the blower from receiving the signal to turn off. Do not try to repair this problem on your own: it requires professionals.
  • Heating is too expensive: Should your heating bills begin to rise and you cannot explain why, then there is probably a malfunction in the heater that is making it overwork. Do not try to diagnose the cause on your own. Professional HVAC technicians can get to the bottom of the trouble fast and then handle the necessary repairs.

Whatever your concerns about home comfort during the winter, you can depend on Red Rock Mechanical for the heating repair in Essex, VT that will restore your indoor warmth. Call us any time.

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Reasons Your Gas Furnace Might Not Be Running

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

There are many reasons why your furnace may not operate. The problem could be something fairly simple, or it could be something quite serious. This range of possibilities leaves a lot of room for mistakes, especially if you attempt to repair the problem yourself without having expert knowledge of your system. Vermont winters are no time to be without heat, even for a short duration, so if your furnace won’t turn on, call the people you can count on for heating repair in Essex, VT: Red Rock Mechanical.

Why Won’t My Furnace Run?

Here are a few examples of why your furnace may not be turning on:

Dirty Air Filter

When your furnace’s air filter becomes too clogged, it can restrict the air flow in your system. Proper air flow is necessary for your system to work, so if the air filter blocks air flow, the system can eventually shut down. It is recommended that you change your air filter every 3 months to avoid having problems develop.

Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat controls when your furnace turns on and off; if problems develop with your thermostat, your heater may not turn on. Common problems that can affect how a thermostat operates are frayed or corroded wiring, dirt and dust on the instrumentation and dead batteries. It’s also important to make sure your thermostat hasn’t been accidentally switched to off or cooling, or that the program hasn’t been altered if you own a programmable thermostat. If you own an older mercury-based thermostat, it may be to be calibrated.

Problems with Ignition

Furnaces have either a standing pilot light or electronic ignition. When a furnace has a standing pilot, it also has a safety mechanism called a thermocouple. This component lets the system know that there is a pilot and it is viable for ignition. However, if there are problems with the thermocouple, there can be problems with ignition. The same is true for electronic ignition. There are two types of electronic ignition: hot surface ignition and intermittent pilot. The probe for hot surface ignition can crack, disabling it from heating properly, and if the right amount of electricity doesn’t flow to the intermittent pilot, the pilot can’t be lit.

As you can see, a wide range of problems can cause your furnace to breakdown. Instead of trying to figure it out yourself, call the experts you can trust for all of your heating repair service needs: Red Rock Mechanical.

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