Find the Right Air Filters

Air filters are basic devices. They attract and trap particles in a mesh of fibers, working passively. Filters have different strengths, measured in MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). Most homes will benefit from filters with a MERV between 8 and 12.

It’s crucial that a home doesn’t have a filter that is too powerful, because this will place strain on the HVAC system by restricting airflow. That will not only lead to a drop in comfort and a rise in bills, but can also severely damage the heating/cooling system itself. This is why you want to rely on our technicians to find the filters that are the correct match to your house: stopping pollutants without stopping air flow.

The Power of Air Purification

Air purifiers do not use any type of filter or medium to trap pollutants. Instead, they rely on other methods that draw particles from the air or destroy them. One of the most common types of air purifiers works through ionization. The purifier creates an electronic discharge inside the ductwork that alters the charges of larger particles. The charged particles will then drift down toward a pair of collection plates (each with an opposite charge) where they’ll be trapped for easy disposal.

Another air purification option is the UV air purifier. This type of electronic air cleaner specifically targets biological pollutants: germs, viruses, mold spores, bacteria. A UV air purifier sends out ultraviolet radiation that disrupts the cellular functions of organic pollutants, either killing them or rendering them incapable of reproduction.

Trust Our Indoor Air Quality Experts in Burlington, VT

The majority of homes will benefit from the pairing of air filters for the larger pollutants and air purifiers for the smaller ones that slip through. Every home is different, and it’s our job to see that you have the right combination of air filtration and air purification for a healthy indoors.

We want your indoor air quality systems to keep working for you, year after year. We’re available to repair or replace broken units, and regular maintenance combined with other HVAC maintenance services will help prevent problems in the future. No matter what you require for a great indoor life in your home in the Burlington, VT area, Red Rock Mechanical, LLC can deliver it for you!