Professional Pool Heater Installation

Pool heaters must have professional installation work. You’ll realize that as soon as you look through catalogues or online services that offer them: there are numerous choices. You must have experienced technicians that know how to properly size the pool heater to do the job. The heater must be able to replace the heat lost from the surface of the pool fast enough to maintain warmth, and our team will make special calculations to determine the power necessary to keep the pool at a comfortable temperature.

There are a few different options to consider for a pool heater energy source. Natural gas is the most common. For homes that don’t have access to natural gas, or wish to use a different energy source, heat pump pool heaters are a viable option. Ask us about the various alternatives—we’re always happy to share our knowledge.

Do You Need Pool Heater Repairs?

A pool heater isn’t much good if it doesn’t work when you need it to. If you get into the pool one morning and find that it’s icy cold, don’t attempt to fiddle around with the pool heater on your own to try to repair it—especially if it runs from natural gas. You can reach us and have our repair technicians out to fix the problem. We always answer the phones, 24 hours a day, and you’ll reach a live person, not a recording.

Regular Pool Heater Maintenance in Burlington, VT

A key part of avoiding those pesky pool heater repair problems is arranging for regular maintenance for the system. Although a pool heater doesn’t run the exact same way as your furnace or heat pump, it’s still a type of heating system and must have the level of annual attention that other pool heaters receive. When you schedule maintenance with us, we’ll see that your pool heater has a thorough inspection, tune–up, and cleaning each year. You can relax knowing you’ll always have warm water for a relaxing dip or for your guests to enjoy when you hold an evening party.

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