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Some Helpful Facts About Electric Ignition Gas Furnaces

Monday, February 15th, 2021

burners-in-furnaceOnce upon a time, the way gas furnaces ignited their burners was with a standing pilot light. You’re probably familiar with at least a few of these older furnace models since they have a long history. A small gas flame stays lit throughout the winter and, when natural gas flows to the burners, this flame is responsible for igniting the jets to start the heating cycle.

Today, electronic ignition systems have replaced the pilot lights. An electric ignition gas furnace is more energy efficient since it doesn’t have to use gas throughout the winter just to keep the pilot light on. This type of ignition is also more reliable: no more worrying about the pilot light going out.

However, electric ignition gas furnaces can still run into issues, and you may require furnace repair in Burlington, VT to get yours back to work. We’re going to look closer at these ignition systems and provide helpful facts about them.

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Was This the Last Winter for Your Furnace?

Monday, February 17th, 2020

natural-gas-furnace-burnersThe winter weather isn’t done with us, but the second half of the season is a good time to consider how well your home’s furnace has held up. This may be the last winter it can perform up to expectations. Or it may already have fallen behind this season. If you’ve spent more on furnace repair in Burlington, VT than you think you should, getting a new furnace during the spring lull might be on your mind.

It’s wise to start making plans, and even wiser to learn how to recognize when a furnace is nearing the end of its service life. Let’s hunker down and get a clear-eyed assessment of your furnace situation.

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Last Minute Furnace Repairs—Don’t Ignore Them

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

hand-holding-wrenchThe weather is still cool-to-cold here, and who knows what sudden shifts may occur through the rest of April and even in to May? You are probably still running your furnace during the evenings and sometimes the days as well. If you think your furnace is showing signs that something is wrong, like a loss of heating power or strange sounds from the cabinets, make sure you call a professional to repair the system right away.

When you read that last sentence, did a pestering voice in your head say, “Why bother? The furnace is about to shut down for the warm season. There’s not much point in hustling to get a minor problem fixed now. Wait it out.”

Please don’t listen to that nagging part of your brain! Ignoring furnace repairs, no matter the time of year, is bad for your comfort, your bills, and even your safety. We’ll explain further.

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There’s Water around My Furnace… What’s Going On?

Monday, February 20th, 2017

large-furnaceMost people have a basic idea about how gas furnaces operate: a pilot light or electronic ignition system lights gas burners, which generate the heat that warms up the air sent into the house. This process doesn’t sound like it involves water at any point. So when a homeowner notices that there is water coming out the base of a furnace, it seems strange.

This does happen with furnaces, and if you see it occurring with yours, you almost certainly need professional heating repair in Plattsburgh, NY or elsewhere in Northeast New York or Northwest Vermont. A number of problems might be at work, ranging from minor malfunctions to the need to replace the entire furnace. But no matter what, you must have trained technicians on the job: a gas furnace is potentially dangerous if someone without licensing and training tries to work on one.

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Is Your Furnace Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

Monday, January 9th, 2017

Furnaces, if they receive annual maintenance in the fall, will run with few problems during each winter. However, repair problems can still crop up, and one of the more common ones is when the furnace causes a circuit breaker to trip. This will cause the furnace to stop working until the breaker is reset. Sometimes this will only happen once.

But if the furnace continues to trip the circuit breaker, there might be something wrong with the furnace or the electrical panel that will require professionals.

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How to Keep Safe with Your Gas Furnace This Coming Winter

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

It is mostly a myth that a gas furnace is a “dangerous” type of heating system to have warming a home. The modern furnace has multiple safety precautions built into it, such as a limit switch that will shut off the furnace if it begins to overheat, and a sensor that will shut off the gas burners if the pilot light or igniter fails so that unburned gas doesn’t buildup in the combustion chamber. For the most part, you shouldn’t feel worried that your gas furnace poses a health risk to your household.

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What to Look for in a Furnace Repair Technician

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Here in Burlington, VT, furnace repairs need to be conducted quickly and efficiently before the snows of winter turn your home into a meat locker. You can prevent some problems with regular maintenance and a close eye on any unusual activity with your furnace. Beyond that, however, you need to trust your repair technician to do the job right and to charge you a reasonable rate for his or her services. Here’s a brief list of what to look for in a furnace repair technician.

Proper certification is the first thing to check off the list. Vermont requires plumbers to be properly licensed, and you should look for someone with good reviews from satisfied customers. Beyond the legal certification, positive reviews mean a history of satisfied customers who are willing to speak up in support of the company’s work.

Then there’s the question of accessibility. A good repair service knows that furnaces can break down at all hours of the day, and that waiting until morning while temperatures plummet outside isn’t always an option. Its a good idea to work with a company who has 24-hour emergency service and will move quickly to address your concerns no matter what the time or day might be.

In Burlington, VT, you can count on the furnace experts at Red Rock Mechanical. We have highly trained technicians available on our staff, our certifications are impeccable, and we proudly stand by our record of over 23 years. We offer 24-hour emergency service for serious problems, and all our labor is backed by a one year warranty. To learn more about our services, give us call today!

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