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Last Minute Furnace Repairs—Don’t Ignore Them

hand-holding-wrenchThe weather is still cool-to-cold here, and who knows what sudden shifts may occur through the rest of April and even in to May? You are probably still running your furnace during the evenings and sometimes the days as well. If you think your furnace is showing signs that something is wrong, like a loss of heating power or strange sounds from the cabinets, make sure you call a professional to repair the system right away.

When you read that last sentence, did a pestering voice in your head say, “Why bother? The furnace is about to shut down for the warm season. There’s not much point in hustling to get a minor problem fixed now. Wait it out.”

Please don’t listen to that nagging part of your brain! Ignoring furnace repairs, no matter the time of year, is bad for your comfort, your bills, and even your safety. We’ll explain further.

The Safety Risk with a Malfunctioning Gas Furnace

You probably use a natural gas furnace to heat your home; they’re popular in this area because of their intense heat output and general reliability. They’re also less expensive to run than electric furnaces. But any appliance that burns natural gas has the potential to create health hazards from toxic gas leaks or explosions. Your furnace isn’t an unsafe device—but if you allow malfunctions to continue without repairs, it may very well become unsafe. Prompt repair work for a gas furnace is an essential part in keeping it running safely.

A Late Season Cold Weather Surprise

A furnace that isn’t working right is in danger of suffering a full breakdown if it’s put under high levels of stress. This is possible during the end of the heating season, when a sudden cold snap makes it critical for the furnace to run at peak performance. The rise in work stress can cause an already wobbly furnace to stop working, leaving you stuck in the cold until help arrives. Repairing a furnace now can save you from an icebox of a home only a few weeks later.

Utility Bills That Are Too High

The extra strain on the furnace system because of its repair needs will lead to more energy drain. During this last month or so of furnace use, you might see a steep rise in the cost to run the heating system. Repairs done on time will keep the furnace energy efficient.

Avoid a Dead Furnace in the Fall

When the first cold day of fall arrives and you turn on the furnace for another season of heating, you don’t want to discover the system won’t work. But this is a possibility if the furnace goes into its summer hibernation with a lingering malfunction. See that any problems with the furnace are resolved before it stops work for the summer.

The simplest way to have a furnace repair in Plattsburgh, NY is to call our team. We offer a wide range of HVAC services, have 24-hour help available, and estimates are free.

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