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Is It Too Early for Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Spring is almost here, and we probably have a month or two of unpredictable weather to look forward to. Your heating system probably won’t be heading off into its summer hibernation for a stretch, and the air conditioner will start to turn on during short stretches during April. Although you still won’t need to steadily run the AC until the real summer heat starts, right now is definitely a good time to think about arranging for its annual maintenance service. March is not too early to have this job done. In fact, it’s ideal in many ways, and here’s why:

Easy to schedule

The transition from winter weather into the spring thaw is a time when HVAC technicians have less crowded work calendars, since they have fewer heating or air conditioning emergencies to tend to. You shouldn’t have much trouble scheduling your maintenance visit at a convenient time if you call now.

Prepare for surprise temperature changes

March and April are well-known for the temperature curve balls they can throw, both hot and cold. When the temperature sudden rises and you need the AC working, you don’t want to have it fail on you… or at the very least, seriously underperform. Maintenance gives you the assurance that the air conditioner is ready to do its job.

Time to get any repairs done

During a maintenance visit, a technician will inspect every part of the system to see if there are potential repair issues. If the technician uncovers any, you’ll be glad that you scheduled the service early rather than late, since you’ll have enough time to arrange to have the repairs done at a convenient time—and also beat out the heat.

Red Rock Mechanical LLC can take care of your spring air conditioning maintenance in Burlington, VT. We serve Northwest Vermont as well as Plattsburgh, NY.

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