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AC Troubleshooting Before Calling for an Emergency Repair

tools-on-ac-unitThis summer you don’t want to face a broken air conditioning system and a scramble to get emergency help out to fix it. We are happy to provide you with emergency air conditioning repair in Burlington, VT whenever you need it—it’s a big part of our job. But we’re aware that most homeowners only want to resort to 24-hour emergency services when it’s absolutely necessary.

So in this post, we’re going to look at a few standard troubleshooting checks and steps to take when you have a major air conditioning problem. In some situations, what seems like a malfunctioning air conditioner is only a minor issue you can correct yourself without needing tools or training. (Please don’t attempt any “troubleshooting” that involves using a tool kit or opening up the air conditioner’s cabinets!) Below we’ve listed what you can do about a broken air conditioner before calling for repairs.

Check the electrical panel

If the problem you’re having with the AC is that it won’t come on at all—no fans, no compressor, nothing—then the first check we recommend you make is for a tripped circuit breaker in your home’s electrical panel. The air conditioner’s motors draw on large amounts of electricity, and this may at times cause a surge that trips the breaker to the air conditioner and cuts off voltage. If you reset a breaker, only to have it trip again when the AC runs, it’s probably a more serious electrical problem.

Check the thermostat

When the air conditioner isn’t keeping the house cool enough or it’s turning off when it shouldn’t, the issue may often be as simple as mistaken settings on a programmable thermostat. This can happen at the start of the cooling season when people are not yet used to setting the thermostat for the heat. Or someone else in the house may have adjusted the settings by mistake.

Replace a clogged air filter

This simple step can fix numerous problems with an AC. It’s one of the most frequent causes of minor air conditioner malfunctions. A clogged filter can lower comfort, cut off airflow through the vents, or even cause the blower fan motor to overload and trip the circuit breaker. Put in a clean filter and see if this improves the situation. (And remember to make changes regularly in the future, every 1 to 3 months.)

Clear the area around the condenser

The condenser is the outdoor cabinet of the air conditioner, which is where the unit expels the heat removed from indoors. If the unit is blocked with leaves, branches, or other debris, it can’t properly cool the house and may lead to overheating. Trim any branches, sweep up leaves, and clean off the grill of the unit if it’s dirty.

Call the professionals

Still have an under-performing or non-performing air conditioner? Now it’s time to call us to have it fixed. We’ll diagnose the problem and provide the remedy so you can go back to enjoying a comfortable house.

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