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3 Signs You Need to Schedule Heating Repair in Burlington, VT

In Burlington VT, heating problems need to be fixed quickly. A day without a functioning heating system means more than bother and inconvenience: it may constitute an actual safety risk to your family. A good heating company can respond right away, but it helps if you can spot the signs of trouble sooner rather than later. That will let you get ahead of the problem and take care of it before it shuts down your heater for good. Here are three signs that you need to schedule heating repair in Burlington VT.

  • No air flow or reduced air flow. This category also includes instances where your heater refuses to turn on at all. If air flow is lowered, it reduces your heater’s ability to warm your home. If it’s stopped completely, no heat will go into your home. The cause could range from a clogged filter to a damaged fan motor, but usually needs professional attention to fix.
  • No heat. Similarly, your heater may be moving the air just fine, but heat levels may be lowered or nonexistent. This usually means a problem with the burners or heating coils, though it could also stem from a blockage at some point in the system.
  • Higher bills. Sometimes, there’s nothing specifically wrong with the system, but lack of efficiency and/or worn parts are preventing it from functioning at its best. You can usually spot these problems by monitoring your monthly bills. If your heating costs spike despite the fact that you’re not using your heater any more often than normal, you’re probably looking at a faulty or worn component that could use repairing or replacing.

If you spot the signs you need to schedule heating repair in Burlington, VT, the next step is to call the experts at Red Rock Mechanical for help. We’ve been a mainstay of the area for over two decades, and we take pride in complete satisfaction for our customers. If your heater is showing signs of distress, don’t hesitate. The sooner was can get there, the faster we can get your heating system back into fighting shape.

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