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Ways You Will Benefit from Spring Maintenance for Your Air Conditioning System

Now that the calendar has officially changed from winter to spring, we can start looking forward to warm weather in the near future. And eventually hot weather. Now, when we still have some of the leftover chills of winter, is the ideal time to arrange for an HVAC technician to come to your home and give your air conditioning system a thorough inspection and tune-up. To schedule this service, you only need to give the team at Red Rock Mechanical a call. We will set up a convenient time for your air conditioning maintenance. We service Burlington, VT and the surrounding areas.

How this AC regular maintenance will help you

Annual air conditioning maintenance isn’t an optional service: it is mandatory if you want to receive a full return in cooling performance from your investment in air conditioning installation. Here are some of the specific benefits you will get from an air conditioner that is regularly maintained by HVAC technicians:

  • Longer service lifespan: If an air conditioner doesn’t receive annual inspections and tune-ups, it will likely not even reach half of its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan. But with the right care and attention, your air conditioner will probably exceed that estimate, giving you many years of energy-efficient performance.
  • Fewer repairs: Fixing a malfunctioning AC can become costly, especially as it wear downs. Maintenance reduces the effects of wear and tear, and this takes care of approximately 85% of the repairs it may require during its lifetime.
  • High energy efficiency: As dust and dirt build up on an air conditioner, and its components start to deteriorate, it will need to work harder to reach the same level of cooling that you normally expect from it. This will mean higher electrical bills. However, an AC that receives yearly maintenance should only experience a 5% drop in efficiency over its entire service life.
  • Peace of mind: This is a less concrete benefit, but it may be the most important one. Regular maintenance will significantly reduce the chance that your AC will abruptly break down at the worst time possible.

Contact Red Rock Mechanical today to arrange for your spring air conditioning maintenance. We have NATE-certified technicians to see that you receive the best service possible.

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