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The Top 5 Reasons to Call on Professionals for Drain Cleaning

drain-in-metal-sink-waterDrain cleaning is a job we recommend homeowners schedule both to clear up clogged drains and as a regular maintenance task once a year. Drain cleaning helps keep one half of your plumbing system—the sewage and drainage side—working at top condition so you won’t have to worry about it. Nobody wants to fret about draining wastewater out of their house!

If you think you have trouble occurring in your home’s drainage system, or you’re long overdue for regular drain cleaning, call our pros to schedule high-quality drain cleaning in Plattsburgh, NY and Burlington, VT. If you’re wondering why you need professionals to do this, below are the five best reasons to hire the experts:

1. Access to Professional Tools

The tools necessary for proper drain cleaning aren’t easy to access or purchase if you’re a non-professional. The hydro-jetter is the best example. The hydro-jetter offers thorough cleaning you won’t get from older methods like rooters. Hydro-jetting equipment is expensive and requires special training but even the more basic professional drain-cleaning tools are too costly for consumer use. Hiring professionals gives you affordable access to the best equipment for the job.

2. Safety

You may not immediately think of plumbing work as “dangerous,” at least compared to electrical work. But drain cleaning uses equipment that can be harmful in the hands of an amateur. Resorting to store-bought “solutions” for drain cleaning, like chemical drain cleaners, also has serious potential health hazards. Professionals will see you and your house are kept safe.

3. Speed and Money-Saving

People often try to go DIY with home tasks because they believe it will save money compared to hiring a professional. For some jobs, there’s a bit of truth to this. But it’s not true with drain cleaning. Professionals will save you money, and they’ll save you time as well. A professional job prevents many repair problems and water damage down the road, and you can expect the pros to have the job done in as short a time as possible while you concentrate on something else.

4. A Long-Term Fix

If you’re dealing with a clog, using home-remedies can sometimes take care of the problem—if it’s a simple clog. But tools like drain snakes and plungers don’t really clean the drains at all, and you’ll often see problems return soon after. The drain snake may only bore a small hole through the clog, leaving the detritus behind. Professional drain cleaning solves problems at the core for a long-term solution. This is true for regular drain cleaning from professionals, which gives you “like new” drains.

5. Just Better Drains All-Around

Professionals do better jobs than amateurs. That’s why they’re professionals. The difference in the drainage system in your home after professionals finish with drain cleaning is remarkable. You’ll have healthier plumbing, almost no clogs, and a reduction in odors.

We want to help you have superior plumbing in your home. Call us for regular drain cleaning or whenever you have a clog your plunger cannot fix.

Red Rock Mechanical, LLC offers professional drain cleaning throughout Northwest Vermont and Northeast New York. Schedule service today.

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