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Signs of a Furnace Control Board Problem

The modern furnace is a marvel of technology, especially when compared to the furnaces of yore, which were basically large ovens with pipes hooked up to them. Contemporary furnaces have most of their operations linked into a furnace control board, which is the core of how the furnace works. The control board runs a series of operations—starting the electronic ignition, opening the gas valve, checking the burner unit, activating the blower, shutting off the gas, venting the heat exchanger—that moves the furnace through all the stages of providing you with heat.

The control board can malfunction, however, and put your furnace’s operation in jeopardy. When this occurs, you will need to call for professional heating service in Williston, VT to replace the defective board. Red Rock Mechanical can provide this service for you, fast and effectively, when you need it.

Here are signs you may have a malfunctioning furnace control board:

  • Uncomfortable temperatures: If your furnace starts to make you either too hot or too cold, and the thermostat settings seem fine, then the problem might be a control board that is turning components off too soon or letting them run too long. Although there are multiple issues that can cause this malfunction, the control board is one of the main culprits.
  • Interruption of the regular sequence of events: Elaborating on the above warning, pay attention to your furnace’s specific sequence of operation. (Don’t open the furnace cabinet to check, just stay near it and listen to what happens.) Does the blower stage stop suddenly? Are the gas jets not activating? Is the ignition not coming on? Does the blower continue to run after everything else has shut off? Any of these irregularities in the normal sequence of events can indicate control board malfunctions.
  • Diagnostic indicators: Most boards have LED lights to indicate when there is a problem with their operation. If your furnace starts to run improperly, open up the control board access panel to see if any red warning lights have activated. There should be a diagnostic chart on the inside of the panel lid that will explain what the warning lights mean. When you call a technician, describe the diagnostic information so the technician will have a good idea what problem needs to be addressed before coming to your house.

It takes a fine knowledge of electronics and furnace technology to replace a control board. Don’t attempt to fiddle around with the panel on your own without the proper training. Make a call to heating experts with as much information as you can glean from the panel to explain the situation. They can take it from there.

Red Rock Mechanical has helped people in Williston, VT with heating services for 23 years. If you need work done on your furnace’s control board, give us a call.

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