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Plumbing Advice for a Happier Thanksgiving

It’s difficult to believe that the Thanksgiving holiday is here. That means family, Turkey, stuffing, and football! But it can also mean a hard time for the plumbing in your house, particularly the kitchen drain and garbage disposal. You do more cooking this weekend than any other weekend during the year, and it’s a good idea to take some steps to protect your kitchen plumbing. We’ve gathered together a few of the most helpful suggestions for healthy plumbing this Thanksgiving.

  • Schedule drain cleaning: You probably have a great deal of build-up inside your drains already and don’t realize it. To see that you have clear drains to handle all the work during Thanksgiving, arranging with professional plumbers to use hydro-jets and drain augers to thoroughly remove the deposits inside your drains.
  • Have a drain plunger handy: If you don’t own a plunger, it’s a small investment and is incredibly useful. A drain plunger won’t clean your drains, but in a pinch it will eliminate smaller clogs. And it is much, much better for your drains than using acidic chemical drain “cleaners.”
  • Repair the disposal: If you’ve experienced any problems with your garbage disposal recently, now is the time to have it fixed—you don’t want an emergency breakdown! And if you have a very old disposal, you might consider scheduling a replacement.
  • Watch out for what goes down the drains: There are many Thanksgiving food items that will cause serious damage to your drains and disposal. Chicken bones, for example, must never go into the disposal. But you need to also avoid pouring gravy down the drains, which will solidify when it cools. Cooking grease, fats, and other oils should be poured into a separate receptacle, frozen, and then put in the trash.

All of us at Red Rock Mechanical LLC wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving weekend in Burlington, VT! Give us a call if you have any plumbing or heating needs this season.

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