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Is Your Furnace Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

Furnaces, if they receive annual maintenance in the fall, will run with few problems during each winter. However, repair problems can still crop up, and one of the more common ones is when the furnace causes a circuit breaker to trip. This will cause the furnace to stop working until the breaker is reset. Sometimes this will only happen once.

But if the furnace continues to trip the circuit breaker, there might be something wrong with the furnace or the electrical panel that will require professionals.

Yes, this applies to gas furnaces

If you read the first paragraph and thought, “I have a gas furnace, so this won’t happen to me,” we’ve got some news for you. A gas furnace needs electrical power for some of its vital components, such as the blower fan motor and (for newer furnaces) the electronic ignition system. Your gas furnace is as likely to trip a circuit breaker as an electric furnace.

Why a furnace might trip a circuit breaker

The usual reason for a furnace to overload a circuit is because the blower fan is overloaded. This is the major electrical component on most furnaces, and if there’s excess strain it can trip a breaker.

The most likely source for an overloaded blower is a clogged air filter. The filter picks up dirt and debris over time, and after 1 to 3 months of work (depending on the filter type) it will be clogged enough that it will force the blower to work harder. Change the filter, reset the breaker, and try the furnace again.

If the furnace still trips the breaker after this, the problem could be blocked vents in the rooms or leaks in the ductwork. The issues could also be with the electrical panel or another appliance on the same circuit. You need to talk to furnace repair professionals to get to the root of the problem.

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