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Is It Too Early to Think about Scheduling Heating Maintenance?

We’re enjoying pleasant weather in Vermont right now, with days in the upper 70s and low 80s. With such temperatures, it’s hard to imagine that in only a few months we’ll start dealing with the onset of the cold season when we’ll need to turn on our home heaters. Nonetheless, it isn’t too early to start planning your annual heating system inspection and tune-up.

Call Today and We’ll See You in September

Fall is the ideal time of the year to arrange for heating maintenance. During this period between the scorchers of summer and the ice-chills of winter, HVAC technicians have more open schedules. When you call our offices to set up an appointment for heating maintenance, you should have no trouble finding a convenient time during September for one of our professionals to come to your house for the service. You can schedule it, and then put away your worries: you’ll be ready for winter whenever the cold weather strikes.

Preparation Is the Best Defense

Let’s return to that last point: cold weather can sometimes arrive without much warning. This is why arranging for maintenance earlier rather than later is a wise idea. If the first chilly day comes along in early October and your heating system isn’t up to managing it, you might have a non-functioning heater right when you need it the most. Maintenance will catch any problems that can lead to a heater failing early during the cold season, and you’ll have sufficient time to have the necessary repairs completed.

Energy Savings All Season

A heating system with routine maintenance will work at higher energy efficiency. If you have your maintenance done early, that will ensure that your system operates at its best for the entire season. Don’t start out the cold weather with an inefficient heater—make sure you save all the way through to the spring thaw.

Call Red Rock Mechanical LLC today to arrange for heating maintenance this fall. We offer service for Burlington, VT and the surrounding areas.

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