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Here’s Why You Aren’t Getting the Performance You Need Out of Your Furnace

woman-in-sweaterCold weather and snowy nights may produce images of hot cocoa and a warm fireplace, but frigid nights are anything but pleasant when your furnace isn’t working properly.

Instead of shivering underneath piles of blankets or trying to fix the furnace yourself, Red Rock Mechanical, a heater service in Plattsburg, NY, can troubleshoot and repair common furnace malfunctions, including…

Clogged Air Filters

Furnaces have built-in air filters to stop dust and pollen from circulating throughout your home, but when the air filter becomes dirty or clogged, your furnace will no longer function properly.

The good news is that regular cleaning and replacement of the air filters will quickly resolve this issue, so your home stays warm and cozy.

Faulty Thermostats

Although an issue with a faulty thermostat won’t cause your furnace to completely fail on you, it can prevent it from functioning properly. Even if the thermostat works, it may be incompatible with your heating system.

While you may think that the heater is turned up to 70° based on the thermostat reading, the actual temperature of your home may be in the 40s. Simply checking and replacing the thermostat may result in your home finally feeling toasty this winter.

Fan Motor Failures

Also known as a blower motor, the fan motor is the component of your furnace that causes the air to circulate throughout your house. Although a failed fan motor won’t affect the functioning of your furnace, if there’s a problem with this component, the warm air won’t blow through your house.

The fan motor is made up of several components, including belts and bearings, which can cause the motor to fail. These components should be periodically checked for wear and tear by a professional heating contractor.

Pilot and Ignition Failures

Gas-fueled furnaces will be incapable of producing heat if there’s a failure of the pilot light or ignition components. Naturally, when the burners aren’t being lit, the furnace isn’t going to work, and your home isn’t going to stay warm.

In addition to routine maintenance, your pilot light or electric ignition component should be inspected annually by trained heating professionals.

Furnace Maintenance Services

Instead of waiting until a chilly night when it’s 30 below and your furnace decides to quit on you, reach out to Red Rock Mechanical, LLC earlier in the season for periodic furnace maintenance to identify and repair any issues with your furnace before the cold weather hits.

A professional heating technician will thoroughly examine all the components of your furnace to ensure that it stays in good running condition. Additionally, regular furnace maintenance increases the efficiency of your heating unit, which will reduce your electric bill. Maintaining your furnace will also extend its lifespan, so that it keeps you and your family warm for many more years to come.

Red Rock Mechanical, LLC serves Northwest Vermont and Northeast New York. Call us when you need great heating service.

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