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3 Things to Consider Before Installing Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless mini split heat pumps entered the residential air conditioning market after years of providing businesses with an effective alternative to standard central ACs. More and more consumers have chosen to have ductless systems installed because of the advantages they offer. Without ducts, these systems take up far less space in a home and do not adversely affect indoor air quality because of dirt and dust contamination. Because ductless heat pumps work through multiple indoor blower units, they also allow homeowners to control temperatures in separate parts of the house, and that means energy savings thanks to no longer needing to cool down unused rooms.

However, before you decide on installing ductless air conditioning in Burlington, VT, you should ask yourself a few questions. Don’t worry if you don’t have the answers at the moment; you can always rely on skilled installers, like those at Red Rock Mechanical, to assist you with making the best choice.

1. Is ductless the ideal fit for your home?

Ductless mini split heat pumps are best for new home construction and for older homes without sufficient room for a ventilation system. However, if you live in home that already has ducts, the advantages of going ductless may seem a bit reduced unless you plan for major renovations. Despite the many benefits that ductless air conditioning can provide, factors can outweigh them and make a standard system a better option. Talk with HVAC installers to find out if a ductless system matches your home’s requirements and your budget.

2. How many indoor blower units do you need?

Some small homes may only need one blower to effectively cool them down. Others will need multiples installed in the rooms. Depending on your comfort needs, the number of rooms that rarely need conditioning, and the layout of your house, you will need to adjust the number of blowers up and down accordingly. Professional installers are an important resource to help you figure out the right number of blowers that will give you the comfort and energy savings you want from a ductless air conditioning installation.

3. Will the system work well for heating?

Keep in mind that installing a ductless mini split heat pump means that you are also making an investment in heating your home during the winter; a heat pump can move heat either inside or outside a home. Heat pumps work at the same level of cooling power as an air conditioner of equal size, but can have difficulty with efficient heating during extreme lows. In some cases, you may need to have a back-up second heater in your house to make sure the heat pump can manage the winters you might experience.

Our team at Red Rock Mechanical is ready to help you with selecting and installing ductless air conditioning in Burlington, VT. We have over 20 years of experience helping people keep their homes comfortable year round. You can trust us with your important HVAC system installation. Contact us today to schedule an installation appointment.

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