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3 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

It can be difficult to tell if something is seriously wrong with your air conditioner. If something is not quite right but doesn’t seem like an emergency, you may feel as though you can put off air conditioning repair until a later time. However, this is a dangerous way of thinking. If you put off air conditioning repair for too long, you may run into other problems, or you may lose cool air entirely right in the middle of summer.

So when should you call for AC repair? As soon as you run into a problem! We’ve put together a list of three of the most common reasons you might need to call for air conditioning repair.

  • Loud Noises: Don’t assume that the strange noises coming from your AC unit are normal. There are a number of moving parts in your air conditioner that may make noise when they are not working properly. If your fan motor runs into problems, you may hear a grinding noise. A hissing noise could indicate leaking refrigerant. Loose or bent parts in your outdoor condenser unit may begin to make a banging or clanking sound.
  • Not Enough Cool Air: Your air conditioner may lose cooling power for many reasons. Even if the temperature is still bearable, an AC that doesn’t cool properly drives up your energy bills, and it can cause serious damage to other components of your system. The first place to check is the air filter as a dirty filter may block airflow. However, loss of cooling power may also indicate low refrigerant or damage to the compressor.
  • High Energy Bills: High energy bills should be reason enough to have someone look at your air conditioner. All air conditioners lose efficiency over time, but a significant increase indicates a big problem. If your system is running up your bills, you may have serious problems with some important parts of your AC, such as the compressor or evaporator coil.

The consequences of a damaged AC are not worth delaying repairs. For air conditioning repair in Stowe, VT, contact the experts at Red Rock Mechanical.

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