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How to Keep Safe with Your Gas Furnace This Coming Winter

It is mostly a myth that a gas furnace is a “dangerous” type of heating system to have warming a home. The modern furnace has multiple safety precautions built into it, such as a limit switch that will shut off the furnace if it begins to overheat, and a sensor that will shut off the gas burners if the pilot light or igniter fails so that unburned gas doesn’t buildup in the combustion chamber. For the most part, you shouldn’t feel worried that your gas furnace poses a health risk to your household.

Safety still requires precautions, however. We’ve put together some furnace tips that will help keep you and your family safe and warm during the upcoming winter season.

  • Schedule routine maintenance: This is the basic step toward seeing that a furnace works within safety parameters. Always call for professional HVAC technicians to inspect your furnace during the fall and see if it needs repairs done or any cleaning and adjustments. Maintenance technicians have safety uppermost in their minds.
  • Clean/change the air filter regularly: The air filter that protects the interior of the furnace from debris needs to stay unclogged throughout the season so the furnace runs safely. Once a month throughout the period when the furnace runs daily, change or clean the filter to keep it free from clogging.
  • Check your carbon monoxide detectors: If you don’t already have CO detectors, get some right away! They are easy to set up and can be lifesavers. If you already have detectors, test them to see if they’re working and change their batteries for fresh ones if necessary.
  • Clear area around the furnace: The furnace is usually located in an out-of-the-way spot in a home, such as the basement. Make sure you don’t store items near it, since the furnace cabinet grows hot when the system runs. You should also make sure that young children in the household understand that the furnace is hot and they should not play around it.
  • Make prompt calls for repairs: Never delay calling professionals when you think that a furnace has a malfunction. The issue may not be one that will create a safety hazard, but you can’t be too cautious when dealing with a natural gas appliance. Plus, you don’t want a broken furnace during the winter.

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