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Let’s Keep Your Heating an Energy-Saver through the Winter

Monday, December 12th, 2016

No question about it… winter has already arrived here in Vermont. It doesn’t matter that the actual start date of winter is December 21. Vermont’s winter snow doesn’t follow any timetable!

If you’ve already had heating maintenance done for your furnace or heat pump (make sure to do this every fall), then you are already off to a good start with a heating system that will work at the highest energy efficiency throughout the season. But there are more steps you can take now that the winter is here to see that the heater gives you the best value for your comfort until spring arrives:

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How to Keep Safe with Your Gas Furnace This Coming Winter

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

It is mostly a myth that a gas furnace is a “dangerous” type of heating system to have warming a home. The modern furnace has multiple safety precautions built into it, such as a limit switch that will shut off the furnace if it begins to overheat, and a sensor that will shut off the gas burners if the pilot light or igniter fails so that unburned gas doesn’t buildup in the combustion chamber. For the most part, you shouldn’t feel worried that your gas furnace poses a health risk to your household.

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