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Didn’t Schedule AC Maintenance in Spring? It’s Still Not Too Late!

service-reminder-clockOh no, did you forget to arrange to have our professionals maintain your AC in spring? No worries, you can still have it done. You may think that it’s too late and maybe feel tempted to wait until next spring, but this can spell trouble for your home cooling system. We encourage you to call us for this important air conditioning service in Essex, VT as soon as possible.

There is no expiration date for maintenance

We want to make it clear that we encourage people to have their air conditioning maintenance done in spring if possible. The timing is ideal for the maintenance to provide an AC with the best benefits and ensure the system is ready in time for the beginning of hot weather. So when we say “There’s no expiration date for maintenance,” we’re still recommending doing it earlier in the year.

But … there’s no expiration date for maintenance! At no point in the year would we say, “It’s too late to get it done now, skip it for this year.” The only requirement for air conditioning maintenance is to have it done each year. You’ll still enjoy important benefits from a professional AC tune-up and inspection even if you have it done later in the summer. 

Examples of why later is much better than never

We cannot overstate the importance of annual maintenance for an air conditioner, even if done after spring. Here is why maintenance is an annual necessity:

  • It slows down a decline in energy efficiency. Over its service life, an air conditioner will eventually start to see a drop in how well it converts energy into cooling. Maintenance slows this process: annual care from professionals can keep the efficiency drop to only about 5% until the last year of the AC’s service life. Skipping maintenance can cause a drop of 5% every year.
  • It extends the equipment life. The standard estimate for the service life of a central air conditioning system is 10 to 15 years. Those numbers take maintenance into account. If you skip maintenance, the lifespan estimate will drop. It might even get cut in half. An early replacement for an air conditioning system is expensive and inconvenient. 
  • It prevents repairs. The wear placed on an air conditioner will take a greater toll if maintenance is neglected. That makes repairs more likely to occur. In fact, the majority of repairs an AC may need during its lifetime are because of lack of maintenance.
  • It keeps the warranty valid. Skipping maintenance can void the warranty on your AC, and this means you’ll pay out-of-pocket for repairs or a replacement that the warranty would’ve covered.

Preventative Maintenance Comfort Plans

We have two different plans for HVAC maintenance to make it easier to have both air conditioning and heating maintenance done each year. You’ll save money with a single yearly fee, and you’ll receive additional benefits such as discounts and waived overtime fees. Call our office and we’ll be happy to help you sign up for the right plan and get your AC on the schedule for maintenance.

Red Rock Mechanical, LLC serves Northwest Vermont and Northeast New York. Call us today if you haven’t yet scheduled AC maintenance this year.

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