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The Top 6 Reasons You Never Want to Miss Heating Maintenance

service-reminder-clockWe always stress with our customers to arrange for heater maintenance in Essex, VT during the fall. This isn’t just because we want your business (although we definitely appreciate it). We know the value of regular heating maintenance and the numerous benefits and savings it brings. We’re not the only people! The US Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR program also recommends routine maintenance for both heaters and air conditioners. 

If you want more specifics, below we’ve listed the top six reasons never to miss heating maintenance:

ONE: It helps keep the heater running safely

Safety is also the first priority when it comes to working with home heating systems, in particular natural gas furnaces. Most homes in our area use gas furnaces to stay warm in the winter, and we don’t want to discourage anybody from using one. They can pose safety risks, however, if they don’t receive annual maintenance. During maintenance, our technicians make close inspections to look for potential dangers like a cracked heat exchanger or failed safety mechanisms. If anything is wrong, we’ll have it fixed before you need to use the furnace.

TWO: It keeps down heating costs

Allowing a heating system to go year after year without a professional inspection and tune-up will let it start to decline. And that means it will have to work harder to do its normal job. This drop in efficiency can soon lead to you paying much more to heat your home than you should. After only a few years of skipped maintenance, it might cost 25% more to keep your house warm. Maintenance keeps those bills down by keeping energy efficiency up.

THREE: It reduces repair calls

You don’t want to have to call our technicians in the middle of a freezing winter day because you’ve got a malfunctioning heating system. We’re ready with emergency service, but we know you’d prefer to avoid this situation in the first place. Good news: maintenance can prevent the majority of repairs a heater will need during its service life, and the repairs it does need will probably be less costly and extensive thanks to maintenance. 

FOUR: It increases the service life of the heater

Whatever the estimated service life of your heating system is (it varies depending on type), you can only expect the heater to reach it with regular maintenance. Neglecting maintenance will reduce the heater’s service life—it may even cut it in half! No heating service is more expensive than having to replace a heater years too early.

FIVE: It improves performance

A well-maintained heater will work in peak condition and shouldn’t have trouble delivering even warmth around your house. It should remain in this condition until it reaches the last year of its service life. 

SIX: It keeps the warranty valid

The manufacturer’s warranty on your heater may be voided without proof of regular maintenance. You don’t want to lose this important consumer protection. Without it, you may end up paying a high price for repairs due to a factory fault that the warranty would’ve covered.

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