When you are looking for a contractor to take care of plumbing repair for your home, or a new air conditioning installation for your house, or any other commercial or residential HVAC or plumbing job, you’ll want a contractor with experience and excellent customer service. That’s what you’ll find at Red Rock Mechanical, LLC. We’re a small, family-owned company with more than 23 years of experience with HVAC and plumbing in Essex, VT.

We take pride in the skill of our technicians and our dedication to solving customers’ problems. You can always reach a live person, not a recording, 24 hours a day for assistance. We specialize in energy efficient comfort systems.

Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance, and AC Repair

Is your home too hot during the summers because you have an AC that isn’t doing its job, or is so old that it can’t do its job? There’s an easy way to solve that in Essex: simply contact Red Rock Mechanical, LLC. We offer installations and replacements for a range of cooling systems, including heat pumps and evaporative coolers. Our HVAC technicians are always standing by for those emergency repairs-we know an AC won’t choose a convenient time to suddenly stop working on you!

Heating Services That Get the Job Done Right

The stress that winters in Essex, VT place on heating systems is immense. You must have experienced professionals to provide your heater with routine maintenance, repairs when necessary, and the eventual system replacement. Red Rock Mechanical, LLC has technicians who can handle all these services, and they work with everything from electric and gas furnaces to boilers and heat pumps. Our 24/7 service means you can always reach someone when your heating system needs emergency repairs. Trust your family’s warmth to us!

Ductless Heating and AC Installation and Other Services

Heat pumps give a home both cooling and heating, since they can switch between the two modes. Even better, heat pumps come in ductless configurations where conditioned air comes straight into the rooms from mounted air handlers. Interested? Then get in touch with our ductless heating and cooling experts, and they’ll answer all your questions and schedule the service you need.

For the Best in Plumbing, Contact a Professional Plumber

The plumbing in a home is one of its most vital systems. It’s also a system that many homeowners believe they can work on themselves if something goes wrong. But this is not true! To see that your home has the best plumbing and no danger of water damage or loss of fresh water, please call Red Rock Mechanical, LLC to arrange to work with our Master Plumbers. We offer a complete line of plumbing services, from simple leak repairs to new construction plumbing in Essex, VT.

Need Commercial HVAC Work? Trust Us with the Job!

This is a nightmare scenario: it’s a blustery cold day in January, and the furnace that warms up your business abruptly stops working. What do you do? You can’t simply hope that it turns back on-you’ll start losing business and productivity. You’ll need to act fast, and all it takes is calling Red Rock Mechanical, LLC. We are proud to offer the finest in commercial HVAC services to Essex businesses. You can trust that our trained plumbers will have the job done right the first time.

The Commercial Plumbing Work You Need

Do you run a food service business in Essex? If you do, then you know how important it is to keep your establishment up to local health codes. Achieving this requires working with professional commercial plumbers who can take care of jobs like installing and cleaning grease traps and stopping unsanitary sewage line leaks. But professional plumbers can help out any business, not just food service ones. No matter your commercial plumbing needs, the experienced team at Red Rock Mechanical, LLC will see that you have the finest service possible.