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Let’s Keep Your Heating an Energy-Saver through the Winter

No question about it… winter has already arrived here in Vermont. It doesn’t matter that the actual start date of winter is December 21. Vermont’s winter snow doesn’t follow any timetable!

If you’ve already had heating maintenance done for your furnace or heat pump (make sure to do this every fall), then you are already off to a good start with a heating system that will work at the highest energy efficiency throughout the season. But there are more steps you can take now that the winter is here to see that the heater gives you the best value for your comfort until spring arrives:

  • Be cautious with thermostat settings: Your thermostat can go up to 85°F or 90°F, which sounds like a cozy day at the beach. However, you should keep your thermostat set at a lower temperature and leave it there. Steady lower temperatures are far more energy efficient and won’t make your house stuffy. We recommend a setting around 68°F to start with, and then turn it up to whatever is most comfortable for your household.
  • Change the air filter regularly: Both furnaces and heat pumps rely on an air filter to protect their interiors from damage due to contaminants coming in through the return air ducts. It takes from 1 to 3 months for this debris to clog the filter, which will make the heater work harder. Change the filter routinely; start with a monthly check, and you’ll soon discover the best schedule for filter changes.
  • Unblock vents: Blocked room vents will cut down on the efficiency of your heater. It’s easy for vents to become covered by moved furniture or rugs. Check around the house to see that all the vents are clear and their louvers are open. (You won’t save money by closing them! Quite the opposite.)
  • Invest in programmable thermostats: If you have old thermostats that lack programming features—or run on manual sliders and dials—upgrading to a programmable unit can help you save 25% off your HVAC costs around the year.

For all your winter heating needs, call on Red Rock Mechanical LLC in Burlington, VT.

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