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You May Need to Replace Your Water Main!

pipe-decayThe water main is as essential as household plumbing pipes get. After all, if you don’t have water piped into your house from the municipal water supply, you don’t have water in your house and you don’t have much use for a plumbing system at all!

So when it comes time to replace the water main—and it will come eventually, no pipe lasts forever—you need to know the signs. This is a job you want taken care of as soon as possible, and below we’ve written some of the indications to look for.

Low water pressure around the house

When water pressure drops at taps around the house, it can warn of a variety of problems. The first thing to check is if your neighbors are experiencing the same problem. If they are, then the issue is municipal, and we recommend calling the water and power company. If only your house has the problem, it may be due to a leaking water main. Check to see if there are:

Unexplained pools of water on your property

If the water main is broken and leaking, you’ll find soggy spots and puddles on your property that you can’t explain. If they’re near where the water line is buried, we recommend you call for plumbers right away to look into what’s happening.

Water bills are out of control

Keeping tabs on your water bills is a good way to get an early warning of something that you have hidden leaks on your property. When your water usage suddenly spikes and you can’t account for it, call plumbers for leak detection—the trouble may be with the water main, but regardless, you want the leaks found and fixed no matter where they are.

Discoloration in the water

Reddish-tinted water is something you expect to see after you come home after a long vacation. If it comes only from the hot water taps, the problem is probably with the water heater (and call for repairs for this right away!) Otherwise, this may be warning of breaks or root infiltration in the water line.

Aging Pipes

Sometimes the best way to tell you need a new water line is the age of the current one. If you live in a home built pre-1970, the water line is probably made from galvanized steel rather than copper. Steel is more susceptible to corrosion and will usually start to decay after fifty years. In other words, right about now. If your home is even older, pre-World War II, the water line might be cast iron and needs a replacement as soon as you can manage it.

When you need a plumber in South Burlington, VT to replace your water main, call on Red Rock Mechanical. We can handle the job quickly and do it right the first time. You never want to trust a job this important to any amateur plumber, so go right to the best local contractor for a new water main.

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