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Why Won’t the Boiler Heat the Home as Well Anymore?

large-boilerThe heat a boiler sends into a house, whether from radiators, baseboard heaters, or in-floor elements, feels wonderful during cold winter days. But what if one morning you wake up to discover that the house isn’t warming up as well as it should? You check the thermostat to make sure the settings are right, and then you might try raising the thermostat setting to make up the difference. But you shouldn’t have to do this: the boiler is supposed to meet the standard household demand for comfort, and pushing up the thermostat to attempt to compensate may lead to more trouble. 

What’s wrong? Do you need to call for heater repair in Essex, VT to fix the boiler? Or is it time for a new boiler? We’ll look into the possibilities below.

Failed terminal points

Check around the house to see if some rooms are still getting their normal level of warmth. If some rooms are colder than others, check the terminal points for the boiler in that room, i.e. the radiator, the baseboard heater, the floor elements. The problem may be that one of these has failed, rather than the boiler. You’ll still need technicians to repair the problem, but you’ll already have some idea of what’s wrong.

Problem with the manifold

The manifold is what divides the water leaving the boiler to distribute it to the various rooms. It’s something like how the breaker panel divides incoming electricity into different circuits. If the manifold breaks, it can cause certain rooms to lose heat, or possibly all of them. The manifold is a complex piece of equipment and must be left to professionals for repairs.


A boiler system is a closed-loop that contains a set amount of water. If any part of it starts to leak—and this includes the tank, the pipes, the manifold—the boiler will begin to lose its heating ability. If you see any sign of water leaking from parts of the boiler, shut the system off and call us right away.

Problems with the burners or gas flow

You probably have a boiler that runs on natural gas, since this is the most common type of boiler in the area. Issues with the burners can cause the boiler to lose its heating power. The burner could have delayed ignition or failed ignition because of dirt or carbon buildup. The issue may be poor gas flow or stuck gas valves. Please don’t try to investigate this yourself, since only licensed professionals can work safely on gas lines. We recommend you shut off the gas to the boiler before calling us.


You may simply have a boiler system that has aged past its usefulness. A boiler that’s been well-maintained can often last more than 20 years. Once a boiler is into its second decade, it may begin to lose effectiveness. Although repairs can sometimes restore it, they may not be worth the cost. Consult with our experts and we’ll see that you get the exact right service you need.

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