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Summer’s End Means Time to Think about Heating Maintenance

With Labor Day behind us, the summer is starting to come to an end. The weather is still pleasant—sometimes even hot—but this won’t last much longer. The heating system in your home that has lain dormant for the past few months will get back to work in the near future… and it’s important for your comfort that it’s ready for its winter work routine.

The best way to see that a heating system is up to the task of providing a home with comfort is to arrange for heating maintenance from HVAC professionals. Maintenance isn’t a task to have done every few years or so: it’s vital that it gets done every year. The early fall, when HVAC technicians are not as busy with emergency repair calls, is an ideal time to have the job done.

Heating maintenance means fewer worries during the winter

One of the best reasons to keep current with heating maintenance is that it provides peace of mind during the cold months. A heating system that goes into the winter with a professional tune-up and inspection has a much higher chance of reaching spring without suffering a major malfunction. A well-maintained heater is one more thing you won’t have to fret about during winter.

Heating maintenance will save you money

Homeowners are often reluctant to arrange for heating maintenance because they don’t like the extra expense. But heating maintenance pays for itself—and very quickly! Studies from the U.S. Department of Energy have found that a well-maintained HVAC system costs $33 less to run a month than one that isn’t maintained.

Heating maintenance keeps your heater working safely

You probably use a gas furnace for winter warmth, since this is the most popular type of residential heating system. Modern gas furnaces are designed to run as safely as possible, but if allowed to deteriorate without regular inspections they can become hazardous. Make sure that your family stays safe all winter and have professionals check your furnace before it goes to work again.

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