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Reasons Your Toilet May Be Leaking

Water leaks from toilets are a common plumbing problem. Unfortunately they are 1) often hard to detect at first, 2) capable of causing major damage to flooring, even leading in extreme cases to the floor collapsing, and 3) not easy to diagnose, since there a multiple reasons for them to start.

When you suspect that you have a leaking toilet because of water stains around its base or a spongy, damp feeling to the floor, call for a professional plumber immediately to attend to the problem—don’t wait any longer than you have to. Some sources of leaks are simple and fast fixes for professional plumbers. More extreme ones may require replacing the entire toilet.

Some common causes of toilet leaks

  • Cracks in the tank or the bowl: If the porcelain of the tank or bowl of the toilet starts to crack, it will lead to small leaks that will soon grow into much larger leaks. A cracked tank will need to be replaced. A cracked bowl usually means it’s necessary to replace the whole toilet.
  • Worn down washers or gaskets: Over time, the washers and gaskets that connect the toilet tank to the bowl will start to suffer from wear. When this happens, water from the tank will begin to leak out. Repair professionals can replace the washers and bolts to fix this problem.
  • Corrosion: Given enough time, corrosion will start to set in on the parts of a toilet, such as the gaskets. This will start to cause leaking. Let a plumber help you decide if repairs are the best choice or if you should invest in a new toilet.
  • Loose feed line: If the feed line that brings in fresh water to the tank become loose, it will cause significant leaking.

Red Rock Mechanical LLC offers 24/7 emergency plumbing in Burlington, VT. Call us if you need repairs for a leaking toilet.

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