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Reasons the Motors in Your Air Conditioning Aren’t Running

The electrical power that runs your air conditioner goes to a set of motors that are responsible for operating the fans and the compressor—essential components for the AC to do its job. The motors undergo the largest amount of stress of any part of an air conditioner during the summer, and you may run into trouble with them this late in the season. Regular maintenance will help keep the motors in the best condition, but you can’t avoid all troubles that might arise. Below are two reasons that one of more of the motors in your air conditioner might stop working.

ONE: The motor has burnt out

Motor burn-out is when the wiring in the motor casing overheats and the wires fuse together. When this occurs, the motor is no good anymore and must be replaced. Burn-out happens because of stress placed on the mechanical parts of the motor, and in an air conditioner this usually is because of dirt and grime on the moving parts or a loss of lubrication. Routine maintenance will help avoid this, as will making sure that the air filter for the AC is changed on a regular basis.

TWO: A capacitor has failed

Capacitors are responsible for sending voltage to the motors to start them running and keep them running. Because capacitors are sensitive to extreme heat levels, harsh summer weather may shorten their lifespan and cause them to fail during the last high temperatures of the season. Listen for clicking sounds from the AC cabinet when the system starts up: this is often a warning sign a capacitor is failing and will need to be replaced.

No matter the time of year, you must schedule air conditioning repairs as soon as you notice an issue. You never know when you’ll need your home’s cooling system in the coming months, so make sure your AC is always in the best shape possible.

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