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Watch Out for These Late Season Air Conditioning Problems!

August is often a rough month when it comes to air conditioning. The hot weather still hasn’t let up, but the poor AC has already experienced a few months of steady work keeping the home cooled down. This is the time when an air conditioning system is most likely to encounter malfunctions as the wear and tear catch up with it.

Below we’ve listed a few of the more common troubles your AC may run into during this time of the year. Call for professional repair services as soon as possible—just because it’s the end of the summer doesn’t mean you simply wait for cooler weather!

  • Frozen indoor evaporator coil: A frozen coil can occur for a number of reasons, but at the end of the summer the most common cause is grime and dirt covering it. This will prevent the coil from absorbing enough heat to warm up the cold refrigerant inside it, and the result will be frozen moisture along the coil surface. You can’t simply scrape off the ice to fix this; it takes the work of technicians.
  • Burnt-out fan motors: If dirt starts to collect on the motors that operate the outdoor and indoor fans, it will create stress that may lead to the motors burning out. If you should hear screeching sounds coming from the cabinets, it may indicate dying motors: call for repairs right away. Burn-out motors usually need to be replaced.
  • Debris entering the outdoor condenser: It’s important that you keep the area around the outdoor condenser cabinet clear of plants and rocks for about a foot on all sides. If shrubs and plants start to grow too close at the end of the summer, they will not only interfere with exhaust, they can allow debris to enter the cabinet and damage the fan.

Red Rock Mechanical is here to help you with air conditioning repairs whenever you need them in Burlington, VT.

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