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How a Clogged Air Conditioning Drain Can Create Serious Problems

We’re coming to the end of the summer season, and cooler weather is not far away. But you need to keep vigilant about AC problems at this time of the year, since wear and tear from the summer can build-up to the point that the system can suffer serious damage. An air conditioner should never shut off for the season with a lingering malfunction, since it could mean more serious problems when the cooling system comes back on.

We’re going to look at a specific issue that can occur this time of year: blockage in the AC’s drain line. This line removes the excess water that drips into a condensate pan when the air conditioner is running. The drain line can develop clogs because of algal growth or dirt that has entered into the AC cabinet (often because of a congested air filter that hasn’t been cleaned or changed in months). Here are some of troubles your AC may encounter due to a blocked drain line:

High humidity leading to mold, mildew, and more

When water starts to overflow the shallow condensate pan (it’s usually only about an inch deep), it will enter into your home and raise humidity levels. This will encourage the growth of mildew, which is destructive to building material. Worse, it can cause bacteria and unhealthy molds to develop, which leads to illness and asthma and allergy symptoms in your home.

Expensive water damage

It’s no exaggeration to say that water leaking from an air condition can cause hundreds of dollars in water damage to a home. You may not be aware that it is even happening, allowing the damage to reach very expensive levels.

Fire hazards

If water starts dripping onto electrical equipment, it can trigger a fire. The water that flows from a condensate pan can drip onto other parts of the AC, or down onto the heating system that is often housed beneath the AC in the cabinet.

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