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I Didn’t Schedule Heating Maintenance This Fall, Is It Too Late to Do It Now?

Routine maintenance inspections and tune-ups for heating systems are something that HVAC technicians strongly recommend homeowners schedule each and every fall. If you stick to annual maintenance visits, you can expect to receive a longer service life from your heater that will meet or exceed its manufacturer’s estimate lifespan. Maintenance also reduces the number of repairs the system might need, protects its energy efficiency from plunging, and will help stop sudden and unpleasant breakdowns in the middle of winter.

But if you didn’t arrange for heating maintenance during the fall, you might think that you’ll be able to wait until next fall comes around and skip the job for this year. Don’t do this! It isn’t too late to call our technicians to arrange for a maintenance visit. Here’s how you’ll benefit even from late maintenance:

  • Stop a system failure during freezing weather: It’s only January, and we can still “look forward to” at least two solid months of extremely cold weather. You don’t want to put your household in danger of suddenly losing its vital comfort during one of the coldest days or nights of the year. Maintenance will see you are at the lowest risk possible of this occurring.
  • Keep a rein on energy bills: Missing a regular inspection and tune-up for a heater will likely mean a decline in the system’s energy efficiency. You likely already pay a lot to keep your home warm in winter, and you don’t want to have those costs needlessly inflated.
  • Maintain safety: You probably have a natural gas-powered heater keeping your household comfortable. A gas heater can become a safety hazard if it isn’t regularly maintained, however. Expert technicians will catch places where the system needs repairs to keep it from leaking carbon monoxide and creating combustion hazards.

You can depend on Red Rock Mechanical LLC in Burlington, VT to take care of all your heating needs. We have 24-hour emergency service available.

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